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The Super Mario Bros. Movie [spoilers]
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Author:  Shadow Yoshi [ Fri Apr 07, 2023 11:31 pm ]
Post subject:  The Super Mario Bros. Movie [spoilers]

Alright, what are our thoughts?

I went and saw it a couple days ago. I was overall impressed with the production value of the whole thing. It was beautifully animated, the score was good, it was respectful of the source material, and it left the door open for sequels and more.

I was entertained the whole time yet it was very short, and the plot didn't really do anything interesting while seeming to care more about including source material even if it wasn't exactly necessary or sensible.

Overall a solid 6/10 from me.

Author:  Sam [ Wed Apr 26, 2023 5:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Super Mario Bros. Movie [spoilers]

Shigeru Miyamoto did the impossible: he oversaw a movie without a story. :p

I kid, of course. It was a fun, wholesome little movie. Pacing was definitely a bit TOO fast, and Mario and Luigi didn't get nearly enough screentime together, but if Nintendo wants to make a serious break into the movie industry, I consider this a good start. And I'm genuinely surprised by how much I enjoyed Chris Pratt as Mario: I was actually one of his defenders before we saw extended footage of him talking, and then lost my faith during the first trailer that showed exactly that... and then I regained my faith in him once I saw the movie proper! If anything, the main voices I'd complain about would be Fred Armisen as Cranky (not that he did a bad job, but he doesn't sound crotchety enough), and Anya Taylor Joy as Peach (Her voice feels more appropriate for Rosalina than Peach, IMO).

Also, I can't play Mario games without unhearing Jack Black as Bowser, especially the RPG's. Talk about perfection!

Author:  Shadow Yoshi [ Thu Jun 01, 2023 12:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Super Mario Bros. Movie [spoilers]

I agree that it's a good start. I think a Nintendo cinematic universe would just be another example of something that they could do really well but instead just do decently, but of course it's better than nothing.

Gotta express my complete lack of support for Chris Pratt though. Putting aside the choice to use him specifically, it was a huge letdown for Charles Martinet. He's been voicing Mario this whole time and then Nintendo decides they want a big name rather than to...use the voice actor that's literally been doing it for decades. Huge disrespect to the voice acting community as a whole.

Jack Black was the MVP of the movie as usual. Hope we can hear him in some non-film material!

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