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Author:  the shadow theif see [ Fri Jan 06, 2017 4:51 pm ]
Post subject:  robbery!

popple is seen hiding behind Mario

popple: i'll rob this guy
Mario: your going to rob me
popple: no
Mario: okay
popple grabs Mario's wallet and runs
popple: part 1 complete
at Mario's house
Mario is seen with the police
Mario:so lets go look for the thief
popple: now to blow a hole in his safe
1 hour later
money is seen flying in the air popple is grabbing it
popple: now to leave
Mario and police: put your hands up
popple: come rookie Mk III
rookie Mk III: fight
rpg battle

popple hp 12/80
rookie Mk III hp 122/122
Mario hp 50/100
toad cop hp 1/1

rookie Mk III : here boss
rookie Mk III gives popple a mushroom
popple hp 80/80
popple : robber attack
rookie Mk III splits into 20 popple clones
the popple clones run Mario and toad cop
toad cop hp 1 half/1
Mario hp 0/100
toad cop shots rookie Mk III
rookie Mk III hp 61/122
rookie Mk III punches toad cop
toad cop hp 0/1

rpg battle over
popple : now lets go rob bowser
rookie Mk III: okay


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