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Campfire Tales - Luigi Goes to Starbucks
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Author:  Shadow Yoshi [ Sat Aug 31, 2013 7:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Campfire Tales - Luigi Goes to Starbucks

Welcome to the first Campfire Tales story! In this tale, Luigi goes to Starbucks but meets some interesting obstacles along the way.


Luigi Goes to Starbucks

By Campfire Tales

The time was 7 AM. Luigi had woken up due to an inconceivably large craving in his stomach - for coffee. Mario wasn't awake yet, but Luigi couldn't wait any longer.

"I have to go to Starbucks..." Luigi whispered to himself. "I can hear the coffee calling my name."

Luigi quietly scurried out of bed, got dressed, and brushed his teeth. He was ready to leave, and opened his front door to find Daisy.

"What the...what are you doing here?" Luigi asked.

Daisy became ticked off. "Oh, so that's what I get for coming over to see you?"

"For what it's worth, it's 7 in the morn-"

Daisy stared at Luigi, an annoyed expression on her face.

"Okay, I'm sorry," Luigi said. "I shouldnt've greeted you like that. I'm just really craving Starbucks right now!"

A grin came across Daisy's face. "Okay! How about we go get some coffee together?"

"Sure, that sounds great," Luigi said. [i]Awesome[/i], he thought, [i]now I have someone to share the delicious coffee with[/i].

Luigi and Daisy began to walk towards Toad Town...

Author:  MarioMan67 [ Sat Aug 31, 2013 8:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Campfire Tales - Luigi Goes to Starbucks

...when suddenly, a mugger appeared!

''Oh no! A mugger! Run away!'' cried Daisy.

The mugger said, ''I hope you help me rob people, or else you will never see the light of day again! Hahaha! Seriously, you won't see day anymore. You'll see NIGHT! NIGHT! NIGHT! until you two are dead.''

''We'll never help you!'' said Luigi.

''Yeah! We don't have time for that 'cuz we're going to Starbucks!'' said Daisy.

''Starbucks? Ok, I guess I'll join you too on the way there.''

''All right!'' said Luigi.

''Luigi, he's a mugger, don't let him go with us!'' said Daisy.

''PLEASE?'' pleaded the mugger.

A few seconds later, Daisy agreed.

''Yay!'' said the mugger. ''I love Starbucks! Their coffee is so~ good!''

And so, Luigi, Daisy, and the mugger started walking again. They walked, and walked, until finally they saw... not Starbucks...

Author:  Dr. Shade [ Sat Aug 31, 2013 10:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Campfire Tales - Luigi Goes to Starbucks

..It was renowned Koopa detective, Cliff Hanger.

Cliff approached the trio, removing the pipe from his mouth, and tucking it into his jacket pocket.

"Hello gentleman, ladies," he said, nodding to them.

"Oh, you're Cliff, right? I saw you on a crime special once on TV." Luigi said.

"Yeeeaaah... That may or may not have been scripted... There's no way of telling. Moving on..."

Cliff's face suddenly became very stern as he walked back and forth in front of the trio.

"I have been searching for a notorious thief, in the Mushroom Kingdom!" he exclaimed. The mugger became very uncomfortable.

"And he looked a lot like..." he shot his finger at the mugger, who almost fainted.

"THE MAN STANDING NEXT TO YOU!" Cliff continued, pointing his finger quickly to Luigi, who really did faint.

"So... The pressure was just to much, eh? Alrighty then."

He lifted up Luigi.

"To the police department, then. And you!" Cliff pointed at the mugger.

"C'mon, we'll need a witness."

They headed off to the department, leaving Daisy dumbfounded.

Author:  MarioMan67 [ Sun Sep 01, 2013 8:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Campfire Tales - Luigi Goes to Starbucks

''Why is Luigi suddenly a thief? Why is the mugger a witness? He didn't do anything to him. Well, he was taking him to Starbucks, so that's something. And why did the detective act stupid?'' she asked herself. She walked around for a bit.


People started to look at her. Daisy decided to go to the police station and save Luigi so she could get away from them.

Author:  Shadow Yoshi [ Sun Sep 01, 2013 12:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Campfire Tales - Luigi Goes to Starbucks


"Here he is," Cliff said as he walked into the police station with the mugger and Luigi, who had just woken up. "It took me a while, but I found the notorious Lu-ee-gee."

"Excellent," said the chief of police, sitting behind his desk. He was a red Paratroopa with shades. "Let's take him in for...questioning."

The mugger and Luigi were brought into a small room with a table, where they sat down with the police chief.

The chief smacked his hand on the table and said, "What were you doing on the previous night during the hours of 8 PM and 11 PM sharp?"

Luigi nearly fainted again. "Uh, uh... I was watching a movie! With Mario!"

"Mario?" the chief started. "Fat chance, he's a world-famous hero. Unless that's an imposter name of your friend here?" He pointed at the mugger.

"No, no!" the mugger said. "I don't even know this guy! I was walking down the street trying to mug-"

Luigi and the chief looked at him.

"I mean...hug some people! And then I saw Cliff Hanger, and then I wound up here!"

At that moment, Cliff walked into the interrogation room. "Uh...chief? You might want to see this."

Behind him was a stout Goomba wearing a beanie hat and sunglasses. "Yo yo, I'm the notorious Louis G. The G's short fo' Goomba."

"So," Cliff started, "Lu-ee-gee is actually Louis G., the notorious criminal and rapper."

"That's right, yo." Louis G. said.

"So you mean to tell me..." the chief said, "that there are two criminals here?"

Everyone smacked their foreheads. "No," the mugger said. "It means greenie here is innocent."

"...right!" Luigi said, nervously nodding. "I think we-we'll j-just be going now!"

"Stay out of trouble!" Cliff said as Luigi and the mugger walked out the door. Daisy was just approaching the police station.

Author:  MarioMan67 [ Sun Sep 01, 2013 12:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Campfire Tales - Luigi Goes to Starbucks

''Luigi! Why did you get arrested?'' said Daisy.

Luigi replied, ''Cliff thought I was a bad guy. Then this rapper came in; he was actually the suspect. So, me and my mugger friend went free.''

''Ok, let's continue our journey to Starbucks.'' said Daisy.

The mugger, that we will now call Mitch, replied ''I'm looking forward to it!''

The three walked the streets of Toad Town, all very jolly. They saw some old friends, and some enemies (Goombas, Shy Guys, etc.) 3 hours later, they started to get very tired. They didn't think to get a cab to take them to the nearest Starbucks.

Eventually, they saw a warp pipe labeled ''STARBLUCKS''. ''Here's Starbucks!'' said Luigi excitedly.

''That's not a Starbucks. That's a StarBLUCKS.'' said Mitch.

''Starblucks, Shmarshmucks. They're all the same anyway.'' Luigi told him.

''Luigi, can't we take a cab to go to Starbucks? There's still 2,000 miles left in our journey.'' remarked Daisy.

''Daisy, cabs don't go that far.'' said the mug- I mean, Mitch.

''Let's go in already.'' said Luigi.

They went down the pipe.

Author:  Shadow Yoshi [ Mon Sep 02, 2013 10:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Campfire Tales - Luigi Goes to Starbucks


A cloaked figure was sitting behind an assortment of computer screens. The screens showed live feeds from surveillance cameras - there was one in Mario and Luigi's house, one at the police station, and another at the STARBLUCKS pipe, among many others.

"Hehehe," he chuckled, "my plan is coming along smoothly."

"Yes it is, sir!" said a voice behind him, causing the cloaked figure to jump.

"What have I told you about standing behind me like that, Grate Guy? You're a horrible assistant."

"Sorry, sir!" Grate Guy said, rolling away on his ball.

The cloaked figure returned to his camera monitors and watched as Luigi and co. went down the STARBLUCKS pipe. "With this pipe in place, they'll never make it to...uh...Stabmucks?"

"Strawshmucks, sir!" Grate Guy said, poking his head back around the corner.

The cloaked figure took a deep breath, trying to maintain his composure. "Right."


Luigi, Daisy, Mitch, and Cliff emerged out of the pipe...

Author:  MarioMan67 [ Mon Sep 02, 2013 12:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Campfire Tales - Luigi Goes to Starbucks

Okay, I re-wrote this. Hope it's good enough, Shadow Yoshi!


...and ended up in Desert Land.

''D'oh! We're in the desert! There's no Starbucks here!'' screamed Luigi.

''Why did we have to end up here on the hottest day of summer?'' said Cliff.

''Cliff, what are you doing here?'' demanded Mitch. ''I thought you stayed at the police station.''

''Oh, ummm... I gotta back there to uhh... finish some important work! Have fun!'' said Cliff as he ran off to find the nearest warp pipe.

''Oh great! He's ditching us!'' cried Daisy.

''Why do you two state the obvious so much? Shouldn't we be getting somewhere?'' said Mitch.

''...Yeah...'' said Luigi.

''So, let's go!''

''I'm still tired, so we'll stay here a while and talk.'' Luigi replied.

The cloaked figure was watching Luigi and his chums talking in Desert Land.

''Fools! It's 450 degrees there! They'll die in a few minutes! And my plan will be ruined!'', he yelled.

''Don't worry, I can solve this mess.'' said Grate Guy.


Grate Guy pressed a few buttons on a weather-controlling machine.


Luigi was talking about ''Seinshroom'' with Daisy and Mitch, when suddenly the temperature dropped 562 degrees. Then, it started raining. Hard.

''I think we should go now.'' said Mitch.

The three ran to the nearest hotel. ''I hope there's a Starbucks there!'', Luigi said.

When they went inside the Desert Land Inn, they were horrified.

Author:  Celarix [ Mon Sep 02, 2013 5:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Campfire Tales - Luigi Goes to Starbucks

It was ablaze. A towering inferno, stretching into the orange sky. The scalding winds of Desert Land were whipping the flames even higher and even fiercer. The shear heat emanating from the hotel was enough to force the plumber, princess, and tagalong criminal away from it. The fire was so hot that even the sand at the base was melting and forming into glass.

"Why... is it... so hot?" said Daisy, collapsing to her knees. The mugger was already passed out on the ground, sweat appearing and evaporation from his forehead.

Luigi couldn't think straight. He might as well have been in a blast furnace - every part of his body was receiving incredible burns.

Even the rain wasn't helping - it was evaporating instantly in air of twice the boiling point. The heavy clouds dissolved in seconds, leaving the sun exposed to the sweltering surface.

Luigi fell over, his mind starting to go blank. He knew not of what happened to Daisy, and he cared not of what happened to the mugger. All he could think of was why the air was so incredibly, so unnaturally hot.

The hotel had already burned to the ground, leaving glowing ashes in its place. The sand dunes were already starting to soften into glass and flow.

Author:  MarioMan67 [ Mon Sep 02, 2013 6:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Campfire Tales - Luigi Goes to Starbucks

Luigi would have died right then and there had not a doctor came in. He and his assistant took him, Daisy and Mitch to a hospital not far from the burnt-down hotel.

When Luigi came to four days later, he saw a familiar face.

''Doc-Doctor Mario!?'' said Luigi.

''Hey, brother! How you doin'?'' asked Mario.

''Terrible. Where's Daisy?''

''In the next room. She's recovering nicely.'' said Mario.

''Why are you here? Why did you save me?'' asked Luigi.

Mario told him, ''Brothers sometimes have certain instincts. When one brother is in trouble, the other must rescue him, for they are brothers.''

''You know Peach is here too.''

''Yeah. She helped me to save you.'' said Mario.

Peach came inside the room. She said, ''You and your friend will go home in a few hours, now that you're almost recovered. Your other friend wasn't so lucky though. May he rest in peace.''

She left. Then, Luigi asked Mario a question:

''Hey, Mario. Could you come with me and Daisy to attempt another trip to Starbucks?''

''Alright. This time, we'll be more careful.'' said Mario.

The next day... Mario and Luigi woke up and got ready for the Starbucks quest. They found Daisy at the door.

''Hey Luigi, I'm a bit nervous after our quest ended so badly.'' said Daisy.

''Don't worry, Daisy. What could possibly go wrong?'' said Luigi.

As the three left, the cloaked figure popped up.

''A lot! Hahahahaha!''

Luigi, Mario and Daisy were walking when...
Is anyone gonna continue this story? I added a sentence up there so there's more chances of continuing it.

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