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Author:  Shadow Yoshi [ Mon Jul 01, 2013 11:31 am ]
Post subject:  Forum Rules **READ BEFORE POSTING**

Welcome to the Stardust Fields Forums! To keep these forums running smoothly, a few rules are put in place.

[b][u]1. RESPECT THE STAFF AND OTHER USERS.[/u][/b] The forum staff members are here to do their jobs, so it goes without saying that they deserve respect. All other users deserve respect as well; flaming, insults, and other forms of harassment are not tolerated. However, be aware that a lot of joking and sarcasm happens on the internet and you shouldn't take everything seriously.

[b][u]2. FOLLOW COMMON POSTING HABITS.[/u][/b] Don't make meaningless posts. In addition, if you're going to post in a topic that is more than a week old (or [i]bumping[/i]), you should make sure the post contributes to the discussion. Try to refrain from double posting, as there is an "Edit" button on all of the posts you make to facilitate the need of adding more content. This is also an English-based forum, so please make your posts readable and structured as such.

[b][u]3. NO MATURE OR ILLEGAL CONTENT.[/u][/b] Stardust Fields is patronized by people who are under 18, so please respect their situation by not posting any mature (18+) content. Illegal content is also not tolerated for obvious reasons.

[b][u]4. MISCELLANEOUS OTHER RULES:[/u][/b] Do not backseat moderate; the mods and the rest of the staff can do their jobs well, that's why they're here. There is a "Report" button on each post for alerting moderators of something you think violates the rules. Please also refrain from making multiple accounts.

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