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PostPosted: Sun Dec 20, 2015 7:14 pm 
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The third revamp of this idea of mine is coming back. I have not figured out a full script yet for a full fanfic though. This is just some ideas and some episode summaries I have thought of. I imagine it as a kind of TV series expanding through several seasons. The title may just be a working title and it's a name I have stuck with although could change if I can think of a better title.

I imagine it to be a multi-season series with 26 episodes in each season with each episode lasting for roughly 30 minutes.

This is my current cast list: (May edit if I can think of more info for each character or if I add more characters)


Royal Koopas


The main character and the star of the show. The king of the koopa kingdom. He is a tough ruler who expects complete loyalty from his minions and orders to be followed with completion. He wants nothing more than to rule the Mushroom Kingdom and imprison the Mario brothers. He also wants to marry Peach.

Ludwig von Koopa

The eldest of Bowser's children collectively known as the koopalings and the rightful heir to the throne. Ludwig is very intelligent and very skilled at a lot of things. He helped design and build the original Doomship, the main form of transport used by the Koopas. The completed Doomship was presented to Bowser on his 40th birthday.

Larry Koopa

Larry works as a spy with other troops and is as sneaky as he is clever. He also helped Ludwig in the planning stages of the development of the Doomship as well as Ludwig's other projects. As a spy, Larry reports back to high ranking troops who in turn report to Bowser secret information.

Roy Koopa

The toughest and strongest of the koopalings, Roy is the second eldest of the koopalings. He doesn't take crap from no-one and will defend his siblings at all costs. He is able to restrain his enemies and trespassers with ease. Roy has a stomp what can paralyse enemies making them immobile giving him an advantage over them.

Morton Koopa Jr

Morton, like Roy, is quite tough although not as strong as his elder brother but is strong enough to keep his enemies in control. Morton's siblings find him annoying and his big mouth can get him in trouble at times and he can find himself to be a liability but they all still love him nevertheless.

Wendy O Koopa

Being the only girl among her siblings can make Wendy feel left out at times but she gets by. Usually seen with either Morton or Larry, she ends up on various missions doing different things. She is probably closer to Bowser than the rest of her siblings and is a real daddy's girl.

Iggy and Lemmy Koopa

These twins are hardly ever seen apart from each other. They are the youngest of the koopalings. They help each other out when problems arise and always fight together too.



Monty is a high ranking hammer brother hailing from Vibe Island. He is the supreme commander of a group of elite hammer brothers personally handpicked by Monty himself. He is a long serving member of the koopa empire and is a freelancer along with his troops so will only end up on a mission on Bowser's orders on certain occasions. Otherwise he works alone or with his men on his own missions.


A duplighost who is able to transform himself perfectly into other unsuspecting people. The only problem is he cannot fully match their personalities although he is still learning. One thing he can do very good though is capture those he intends to impersonate and ensure they cannot do anything by tying them up, gagging them and hiding them away where they can't be found.

Buzz and Scott Koopa

Two junior hammer brothers who are quite new to the koopa empire. They want to impress Bowser and they want to make it their mission to personally capture Mario and bring him to Bowser alive. They are never usually successful. They try and come up with all sorts of plans to trap Mario although are usually foiled each time.



The so-called hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. Having arrived in this world through a warp pipe in Brooklyn, Mario has gained the affection of Peach, his girlfriend who gets captured by Bowser a lot but he always saves her. He is also the target of many kidnap attempts from the Koopas but manages to escape. He can be quite arrogant and has quite an ego.


Mario's brother who is not as confident as his older brother. He is also quite jealous of Mario and the attention he gets. He doesn't like conflict and surrenders too easily when the Koopas come to get him.


The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario's girlfriend. She is also in a love triangle with Bowser who is trying to steal her affections.


The Mushroom King and Peach's father. He is a racist and stubborn king who rules his kingdom with an iron fist. He is a hero to the Toads but the Koopas are aware of his true personality and will do whatever it takes to end his reign.

Charlie Wilson

A regular human from the real world. He is also quite clever and has studied a lot of the histories of the Mushroom and Koopa Kingdoms. He lives in Toad Town but is secretly in league with the Koopas although most of the Koopas don't know it.


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