Fun Fiction
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Green Lakitu:

Koffee Beans: Kep Koopa journeys through the depths of the Dark Land employment system, by Green Lakitu.

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The Bet: The Wario Bros. challenge the Mario Bros. to a bet, by MarioMan67.

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Bomb-Trackers: Larry and Wario go bomb hunting, by MarioMan67. Not completed.

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Wario and Waluigi's Maximon Adventure: Wario and Waluigi start their journey to becoming Maximon masters, by MarioMan67. Not completed.

A Royal Talk with Bowser: Bowser must figure out how to hatch his latest plan, by MarioMan67. Not completed.

P.T. Piranha:

(Not So) Super Paper Mario: Princess Peach gets hypnotized into marrying Bowser and Toad forgets to switch to Geico, by P.T. Piranha. Not completed.

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Shadow Yoshi:

The Great Mushroom War: The ancient struggle between the Mushroom Confederation and the Koopa Reign is just the beginning, by Shadow Yoshi. Not completed.


Junior Exposed: The Koopalings come up with a plan to prove Junior is a fake, by Terry.

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