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PostPosted: Sun Feb 14, 2016 3:20 pm 
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Chapter 11

The power rangers were all called into the command centre as Zordon had a big announcement to make. They were all pleased to leatn that Tommy was now the white ranger and had been made the leader also. Tommy was now stronger than ever and never could his powers be taken from him again. At least for now.

Back on the moon, Zedd was coming to terms at Rita's return.

“So this is why you two disappeared, you thought you could just leave and bring that witch back,” Zedd said to Squatt and Baboo still unaware of why they really left originally.

“Oh well, never mind. I'm sure we can work something out,” he added after a brief pause.

“I have some news what I think you all need to know. Someone down on Earth got through to our frequency and I have reason to believe he may be spying on us,” Finster said what caught everyone's attention. They all looked at Finster with disbelief.

“A spy, eh? Maybe we should deal with whoever it is. We can't have anyone learning of our plans now, can we?” Zedd said.

“I have already sent down two of my monsters down to capture and interrogate him,” Finster replied.

“Good. Rita, you may stay for now. I may have some use for you after all now that I think of it,” Zedd replied.

Robert, who was at home was minding his own business when he was surprised by Eye Guy and Socadillo who materialised in front of him suddenly in his front room. Socadillo quickly grabbed Robert and wrestled him to the floor. He held Robert down tightly as Eye Guy walked over to him.

“What do you guys want?” Robert asked. He was't too scared of the monsters themselves but was a bit concerned what they might do.

“You must be Robert, the professor. You have something what belongs to us,” Eye Guy said.

“I don't know what you are talking about,” Robert lied. He knew instantly what they were talking about but was determined not to reveal what he knew.

Eye Guy smirked at that response and moved his eyes around the room then back to Robert.

“Oh, I think you do. Nice house you got here, it could do with a good clearout, don't think,” Eye Guy taunted.

“No you can't. Plea..,” Robert was about to plead but Socadillo clamped his hand over his mouth silencing him.

“Quiet, you. You're in no position to try and reason with us,” Socadillo said.

Eye Guy started trashing the room and searched through Robert's cabinets and drawers. He found all the documents what Robert got in the bank's safety deposit box, the coded conversations and everything else.

Both monsters were surprised at the findings, they had not realised the extent of what they found. They had only expected to find the communication device and not much else. Robert struggled to move but Socadillo kept him firmly in place.

“We will be confiscating these. You're coming with us,” Eye Guy said as Socadillo pulled Robert up to his feet. Both monsters grabbed either of Robert's arms as they all then disappeared from the room.

Shortly afterwards, Eye Guy came out in the front of the chamber of command where all the main villains were.

“This is everything I could find when I was searching the prisoner's house. As you can see, there are detailed files of the UAE as well as conversations what appear to all be encrypted. There is also a kind of communicator and what appears to be a key to some kind of zord or ship,” Eye Guy said.

“Thank you Eye Guy, you have done well, I will go through all this and have a look at all its contents immediately. In the meantime, where is the prisoner?” Rita replied.

“He is being held for interrogation in the prisoner chambers. I have chained him up to ensure he won't escape and I will be questioning him later,” Eye Guy replied.

“You better make sure he don't escape or you'll be punished. I want you to make him talk. Do whatever you have to in order to make him spill his knowledge out,” Zedd said.

“He will not get away, I can promise you that and he will talk. I will make him crack if I have to,” Eye Guy replied before leaving the main chamber.

Baboo was quite nervous and was worried what might happen if he was found out.


PostPosted: Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:51 pm 
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Chapter 12

Eye Guy walked into the dungeon where Robert was being guarded by two putties. Robert was struggling to escape from the chains what were holding him but they were too tight. He was sitting down on the floor against a wall with chains around his arms, as well as his wrists behind his back and his legs together in front of him.

“Welcome to our moon palace. I hope you are very comfortable. Do you know why you are here?” Eye Guy said.

“I know why I am here, you want to know about those files you found. Well I won't tell you anything,” Robert replied defiantly.

“I am aware they have been encrypted but I'm sure Rita and Finster will easily be able to decode them. You aren't exactly going anywhere so you might as well tell me what you know,” Eye Guy replied. Robert remained quiet at that point and was determined not to reveal his secrets.

“You broke into our communications with that device and was able to obtain secret information about our organisations, our members as well as some secret conversations,” Eye Guy said starting to get angry.

“Who are you working for? Someone must have told you the location where those files were kept. I know Moffuzan is involved but who else? Come on, spill,” Eye Guy shouted.

After a brief pause, Eye Guy walked up closer to Robert.

“I will get that knowledge one way or another. I have stolen the intelligence of many people and I will do the same to you,” Eye Guy replied as he revealed his main eye.

“Hold his eyes open, this won't take long,” Eye Guy said to the putties who forced Robert to look directly into the main eye what was now separated from Eye Guy's body. Robert couldn't do anything and was forced to stare right into Eye Guy's eye.

“What are you doing?” Robert asked.

“Quite simple, my friend. I can sometimes capture people within my main eye what also acts as another dimension. This method, however I find to be a lot more effective. I will stare right into your soul through your own eyes and basically mindrape you,” Eye Guy replied as he stayed fixated on Robert's eyes.

Robert was speechless. He tried to look away but the putties kept him in place. There was no escape. Robert felt himself getting weaker as Eye Guy continued to work on him. After about ten minutes, Eye Guy was done. He returned his eye back to his body as the putties released their hold on Robert who fell unconcious.

“It's done. I have everything I need to know, this interrogation is over,” Eye Guy said as he then left the room.

Both Rita and Zedd stood in the main chamber and was thinking of what to do to finally defeat the power rangers once and for all. That was when Eye Guy walked in.

“I took the prisoner's secrets from him. He didn't exactly say anything so I mindraped him and got the information that way,” Eye Guy replied.

“Excellent. So tell us everything you discovered. What secrets was this man trying to hide?” Zedd asked. Everyone present stayed quiet as Eye Guy proceeded to tell them everything.

Both Rita and Zedd were furious when they discovered about a rebel group trying to stop them.

“We should destroy everyone involved as well as the power rangers,” Goldar replied.

“Did you find out who was in the rebel alliance? If you know, please tell us,” Rita said.

“I'm afraid I couldn't get that information. I doubt even the prisoner knows the names of everyone involved,” Eye Guy replied.

“What about the one who has been conversing with him on these files? What do they mean? And who told him about this communicator? Surely you must have that information,” Zedd said. Both Squatt and Baboo gulped at that moment. Would Eye Guy really drop Baboo in it? Does he really know the truth? Eye Guy paused for a moment before speaking again.

“Eye Guy. Come on, who's the mole? Was it someone here?” Zedd asked.

“I'm sorry, I don't have that information. I have told you everything I could,” Eye Guy replied eventually before being dismissed. As he left, he walked past Baboo. Eye Guy gave him a peculiar look as if to say, “I've got my eye on you.”

Eye Guy obviously knew but Baboo was surprised that Eye Guy lied about not knowing who was involved. Maybe he had his reasons for sure or maybe he just wasn't convinced it was all true.


PostPosted: Tue Feb 16, 2016 8:19 am 
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Chapter 13

So we are now coming to the period in time what would have been The Power Transfer. Biggest change in this is that there is no Rocky, Adam or Aisha and there was no peace conference. Also Rita has returned back to the palace before The Wedding what will appear in a few chapters time.

All was calm in the park in Angel Grove where the Tommy and Kimberly were walking. They were minding their own business when they were suddenly attacked.

“Oh no, putties,” Kimberly said as they both tried to defend themselves.

The other rangers were contacted and sent to the park to help Tommy and Kimberly. The putties were really tough so they had to morph.

“Well well, it's been a long time since we last met power rangers,” said a familiar but menacing voice coming from behind. The rangers turned their faces to see someone they hadn't seen for a long time.

“Scorpina,” Trini said. Goldar also joined alongside his wife to battle the rangers.

“We haven't got time for you creeps,” Tommy said.

“Oooh, my heart bleeds,” Scorpina said sarcastically.

Tommy was about to reply when he heard a loud laugh from a figure coming towards him. Lord Zedd stood in between Goldar and Scorpina.

“We've spent enough time trying to destroy you brats. Now playtime's over,” Zedd said. Without further ado, Zedd made himself and his henchman grow.

“Zordon, we need Thunderzord power now,” Jason called as the zords formed to make the Thunder Megazord. Tommy called the White Tigerzord to join the battle.

“Excellent. Now time to destroy your zords once and for all,” Zedd replied as the three villains started attacking.

While this was going on, Rita stayed on the moon and watched through her telescope at the action.

Finster was in his workshop and called Eye Guy in personally. He wanted to know what was going on and noticed Eye Guy looking suspiciously when he informed Rita and Zedd about what he obtained from Robert.

“Off the record, what happened in the interrogation? You found something you didn't want Rita and Zedd to know, didn't you?” Finster said. Eye Guy just nodded.

Finster took a look out of the keyhole and could see that Rita was preoccupied with her telescope.

“Okay, between you and me. I am asking this as a friend, what did you find?” Finster asked quietly.

“I encountered something known as a Millenium Message. I don't know what that means but I am pretty sure Rita and Zedd knows,” Eye Guy replied.

“Millenium Message? I don't think I have heard of that. Could it be from the future?” Finster asked.

“That's what I think too. I believe those files I found probably have everything to do with that and much more what we could ever know,” Eye Guy replied.

“Rita and Zedd are very clever. If they are planning something big then it is likely they are not going to tell anyone besides only the high ranking members and only the most evillest monsters. Very few of my own monsters would be in that category so it is likely they are unaware also,” Finster said. Eye Guy agreed. Zedd and Rita would want to keep something so big secret to stop anyone turning against them if they disagreed.

“There is one other thing I failed to mention and it concerns one of our fellow minions. Baboo was the one who gave Robert the files and communicator in the first place,” Eye Guy said. This surprised Finster but he was in no way shocked. He just nodded his head.

“Thank you for telling me all this. I assure you this will be kept confidential. You are free to go,” Finster said as Eye Guy left the workshop.

Back in the park, the rangers were having a tough battle against Zedd, Goldar and Scorpina.

“Do you give up yet rangers?” Goldar asked menacingly.

“Never, we will never surrender to you Goldar,” Tommy replied.

“Then you will be destroyed,” Goldar said as he took a swipe at the Tigerzord.

After a quick beating, the Thunder Megazord and Tigerzord regained the upper hand and started beating the villains. The power sword lit up and was now in destroy mode. The three villains retreated before they could be destroyed.

“I've got such a headache,” Rita responded after seeing all of the battle.

“That was just a warmup, fighting them all at once is actually a good strategy if done right,” Zedd replied.

“We almost had them but we will be back,” Scorpina replied.

Meanwhile Eye Guy walked back into the room where Robert was being held.

“Oh no, not you again. You already got into my mind once. What more do you want?” Robert asked but was then shocked when Eye Guy cut his chains.

“You are free to go, you are no more use to us,” Eye Guy replied as he teleported Robert back to his house.

Moffuzan was there waiting and he conveniently tidied up the mess left by Eye Guy.

“Moffuzan, what are you doing here?” Robert asked.

“I've been researching how these monsters work and how they get their powers. I also found out some of the secrets of going big,” Moffuzan replied. He took out what looked like a Z-staff similar to what Zedd has but without the Z.

“I got this from Onyx. This is quite a powerful weapon what can fire blasts and lasers. It can also be used to make me big. Also get this, it can also be used to make monsters similar to the ones what Zedd uses,” Moffuzan replied. This got Robert intrigued.

Meanwhile Zedd was thinking of something but not the power rangers this time. He sat on his throne deep in thought.

Goldar walked up to his master noticing this.

“Is everything okay, my lord?” Goldar asked. Zedd's next words shocked Goldar to the core.

“Yes Goldar, I am fine. I was just thinking about Rita. What would you say if I asked Rita to be my wife?” Zedd replied. Goldar was speechless.


PostPosted: Tue Feb 16, 2016 6:19 pm 
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Chapter 14

Goldar didn't know what to say at Zedd's question. This was the one thing he had not expected Zedd to say at all.

“Well Goldar, what do you think?” Zedd asked.

“But Zedd, you hate Rita. Why wo..,” Goldar started before being interrupted.

“Do you dare question my wishes?” Zedd said getting angry. Goldar got quite nervous but kept his cool.

“No, of course not. If you want to get married to Rita, that is not for me to decide,” Goldar replied and Zedd calmed down.

“Good. Bring Rita in, I might as well get this over with right now,” Zedd said as Goldar reluctantly went to find Rita.

“You wish to see me Zeddy,” Rita said as she walked in followed by Goldar who stood near the back.

“Yes Rita. There is something I want to say. I've been meaning to ask for a while,” Zedd said.

“Well, what is it?” Rita asked.

“Will you marry me?” Zedd eventually asked. Rita was shocked at this. Goldar put his head in his hands. Everyone else who was in the area was also shocked too and stood still.

“Of course I'll marry you. Together we can destroy the power rangers and claim the Earth as our own. Together we'll be unstoppable. Together we will rule the world,” Rita laughed as Zedd joined in.

“But first, I must recharge. The time has come for my Centennial Recharge. When I wake up in a few day's time then we will get started,” Zedd said as he prepared himself for his recharge in his special recharging bed.

“While you are recharging, I will get everything prepared for when you wake up. Sweet dreams Zeddy,” Rita said. She was really excited and couldn't wait for the big day. After saying this, Zedd went to sleep.

“Finster, contact the monsters and get them ready. We don't want them to miss out. Also some of those will be needed to guard the power rangers once we have them in our trap,” Rita replied. Finster went right to it and let everyone know the big news.

The power rangers were getting some news of their own what just happened to occur at the same time. They were not aware of the news on the moon nor were they even aware that Rita was back. Their school had been selected for a trip to Australia as teen exchange speakers. Everyone was quite excited to go including Bulk and Skull.

“Man, I hope Angel Grove will be okay without us. What if Zedd attacks the town while we are way,” Kimberly said when the power rangers were alone.

“I'm sure it will be fine. Zordon will contact us if anything comes up and we'll be sent back here straight away,” Tommy replied.

“Yeah, besides Zordon told us that Zedd has to do some 100 year recharge or something so we are pretty lucky that this is happening at this time,” Zack said.

“You're right, I shouldn't worry so much,” Kimberly said.

Later, they arrived in Australia after a long flight and decided to take in the sights.

“It's so lovely here. Warm weather, nice food. Everything about this place is just beautiful,” Kimberly said as everyone else agreed.

Rita who was on the moon was making her preparations. It had been 24 hours now and Zedd would waken the next day.

“Finster, what are you doing?” Rita asked as he noticed Finster doing something on his computer.

“I am installing a virus on this disc. We can use it on that robot Alpha 5. This will reprogram him and turn him into our ally,” Finster replied.

“That's all good. But how will this help us?” Rita asked.

“We will use Alpha to trap the rangers in the abandoned Spectre Theatre and his reprogramming can also be used to shut of Zordon's communication with the rangers afterwards,” Finster replied.

“Nice work Finster, I like the sound of that. I didn't think you had it in you,” Rita said quite impressed.

“I do my best,” Finster said proud of himself.

“You carry on with the virus, let me know when it's all ready,” Rita replied.

“It will take a while. I will need to go over the coding a few times and make sure everything is correct before it can be used,” Finster said.

“Just do your best. And don't take too long. We need it before tomorrow,” Rita replied before letting Finster get back to work.

A few hours later it was done. Rita told Finster to install the disc immediately.

Alpha who was quite bored walked out the command centre for some fresh air when he got ambushed by Finster.

“Who are you?” Alpha asked.

“Your worst nightmare now don't move,” Finster said as he tackled Alpha to the ground.

“Noooo, let me go,” Alpha said as Finster turned him onto his stomach so he could reach the back of his head revealing a little opening. Finster shoved the disc right in and then released Alpha who started shaking a few times and then got back to his feet.

“Time to trap the power rangers,” Alpha said who was successfully reprogrammed by Finster's virus. He walked back in the command centre and Zordon instantly noticed something was wrong.

“Alpha, are you okay? What happened outside?” Zordon asked.

“I am fine, why wouldn't I be?” Alpha lied. He pressed a few buttons what triggered the communicators of the power rangers.

“We read you Zordon, what's up?” Tommy asked once making sure they were alone.

“This is Alpha, please morph at once and teleport to the Spectre Theatre. This is an emergency,” Alpha said. Tommy found this a bit weird but nevertheless, the rangers did as they were told not realising the trap they were about to fall in.

“What are you doing Alpha? The Spectre Theatre is an evil place. Why did you send the rangers there?” Zordon asked.

“Oh for once in your life, shut up old man,” Alpha replied getting quite irritated.

“This isn't like you. Please let me help you,” Zordon said.

“I don't need any help. Now it is time to shut you off,” Alpha said as he did just that.

“Now with you out the way, you won't be able to help the power rangers at all and Zedd and Rita's plan will go accordingly,” Alpha laughed.

Rita and Finster had gathered up a bunch of monsters in the chamber and Rita made an announcment.

“It is a great pleasure to have you all here. It is not often I get you all here at once but tomorrow is a very special day as I'm sure Finster has already told you. Tomorrow me and Zedd are getting married and I have just been informed the power rangers are trapped in the Spectre Theatre,” Rita replied.

Goldar, Scorpina, Squatt and Baboo were also listening and they all seemed to have come round to Rita's way of thinking. The latter was still considering his part in the rogue operation but decided to hang around for the time being.

“Let's all make tomorrow a big day. After tomorrow, the power rangers will be no more and the world will be ours,” Rita cheered as the monsters all raised their hands in a victorious chant.


PostPosted: Wed Feb 17, 2016 3:00 pm 
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Chapter 15

The power rangers remained morphed as they waited in the Spectre Theatre for further instructions. They remained in the main lobby unaware of the trap they were about to fall in.

On the moon, Rita was examining all the monsters who had been gathered up in the chamber of command.

“Okay everyone, who wants to go down and ambush those power brats,” Rita said as every monster raised their hands excitedly.

“It's so nice to see you all hyped up. I have an idea, why don't you all go down at once. That should keep those rangers busy. And the best part is they can't use their powers at all there,” Rita laughed.

“I hear the theatre has some kind of power sealer what stops their powers from being used. That would also mean we can't use our special moves either,” Grumble Bee replied.

“That doesn't matter. We don't need our powers to defeat those wimps. With our physical strength alone, we can easily overpower them,” Soccadillo replied. The other monsters agreed and were quite eager to get started.

“Then what are you waiting for, get down there and use that physical strength to beat up those rangers,” Rita said as the monsters almost immediately teleported all at once.

“It won't be long now,” Rita said as the monsters disappeared.

Back in the theatre, the rangers were about to get their rude awakening when suddenly, all the monsters suddenly appeared round them.

“Oh no, it's a trap,” Jason said as the rangers got into a fighting stance. There was about ten monsters all surrounding them.

“Be careful guys, just hold together and we will be fine,” Tommy added.

“Hello rangers, nice to see you all again,” Peckster started who had been assigned to lead the monsters. The rangers tried to teleport out but were shocked when their teleport systems didn't work.

“Oh no, what do we do now?” Kimberly asked.

“There is no escape power rangers, we have you right where we want you,” Invenusable Flytrap said. The rangers tried to call their power weapons but that failed too.

“Your powers will not work here. Neither will ours. In other words, you are trapped here with us,” Peckster replied.

“Oh no, what do we do?” Trini asked. Peckster ordered the monsters to attack as the rangers and monsters started battling with normal attacks.

Alpha was watching the whole thing from the viewing globe and remarked on how good it was to see the rangers getting pummelled.
While the rangers were getting beaten up by the group of monsters who revealed that Rita and Zedd were getting married shocking the rangers, Zedd just started to wake up from his centennial recharge and was feeling better than ever.

“Welcome back Zedd, I hope you had a good sleep,” Rita said. Zedd smiled underneath his mask and stood up.

“Enough waiting around, let's get the preparations underway. I trust you have everything ready for our wedding,” Zedd replied.

“The monsters have the rangers trapped in the Spectre Theatre. There is no way anyone can use any of their powers in there,” Rita replied.

“Excellent. If those monsters can keep the rangers busy long enough then we can easily take over the Earth during the distraction,” Zedd replied.

In the theatre, the rangers were getting exhausted from the monster attacks.

“Give up yet?” Peckster taunted.

“Never, the power rangers will never surrender,” Tommy said defiantly resulting in loud laughter from the monsters.

“There is only one thing we can do now, run for it,” Kimberly said as the rangers looked for a way out. They all split up to look for the exit as the monsters also did the same. They were determined to make sure the rangers didn't escape. The rangers met up near a staircase and were almost caught by Robogoat and Snizzard before escaping from the theatre.

Zedd and Rita were furious demanding Peckster and Rhinoblaster to go after them. The rest of the monsters had returned back to the moon palace for the impending wedding. It wasn't long before the rangers were sent back to the theatre by Alpha with both Peckster and Rhinoblaster under strict orders to keep them guarded.

“Aaw man, back here again,” Tommy groaned. He was also fed up of the sight of the two monsters who the rangers had just battled outside.

Back on the moon, the wedding between Rita and Zedd was just about to begin.


PostPosted: Wed Feb 17, 2016 6:57 pm 
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Chapter 16

The wedding was all set and all of Rita and Zedd's henchman and monsters gathered in the chapel down in the back of the palace.

“So we have all the roles set but there is just one thing missing. We need someone who can play music. The wedding cannot be proper without some proper music. Is there anyone here who can play the organ?” Zedd asked looking round. Everyone remained quiet until one monster eventually stepped forward.

“I have some music skills and I think I am okay on the organ,” Snizard replied from the back of the room.

“Good, come forward and sit yourself down,” Zedd said as Snizard took his place on the organ. Zedd handed Snizard the list of tracks to play starting with Here Comes The Bride what Snizard was able to play flawlessly. Snizard was actually a very skilled organ player unknown to most of the crew. Of course, most of the monsters had their own skills outside of battling the power rangers.

Finster acted as the priest conducting the wedding. Zedd and Rita tried to make the wedding look as real as possible and this actually acted like a normal human wedding would have.

While this was going on, the power rangers were plotting to escape once again from the spectre theatre. Rhinoblaster and Peckster were forced to keep guard and were very disappointed to miss the wedding.

“Great, all the other monsters are having such a great time and here's us having to keep watch of these pathetic humans in this boring place,” Rhinoblaster complained.

“Relax Rhinoblaster. I'm just as gutted as you are. But Rita promised us a heavy reward if we kept those rangers trapped here,” Peckster replied. Rhinoblaster nodded although he wasn't too convinced on the reward. It was at that time they heard a voice call to them.

“Hey you monsters, we give up. Please accept our surrender,” Kimberly said walking slowly towards the door seemingly in peace.

“So you give up, eh ranger?” Peckster said as he and Rhinoblaster walked up to Kimberly. Some chains materialised in Peckster's hands.

“Well we'll just have to see about that, won't we?” Peckster replied as he motioned for Rhinoblaster to grab Kimberly.

“Hey birdbrain,” Tommy shouted from above as Peckster and Rhinoblaster suddenly stopped and looked above. Kimberly jumped out the way as Tommy dropped a net onto them trapping the two monsters inside. Tommy jumped down and was joined by the other rangers who wrapped the net round the monsters securing them tight and left them there as they escaped the theatre.

“Let us go, rangers,” Rhinoblaster shouted. The monsters struggled to break out the net holding them but they were trapped.

“I don't think so. See ya later,” Zack taunted. The rangers escaped from the theatre once again and proceeded to make their own way to the command centre.
“How far is it to the command centre?” Trini asked.

“It's a few miles from here, it's not too far,” Billy replied.

“That's good, I don't think I can handle more of this,” Kimberly said.

They reached the command centre after about an hour walk. They were glad to be back finally and safe from the monsters. Billy took the disc out of Alpha after realising what had happened restoring him back to normal and got Zordon back online. They filled Zordon in on the details who called the situation very disturbing.

A few other monsters were sent down to rescue Peckster and Rhinoblaster from their trap who were later punished by Rita and Zedd for their failure. They were glad to still be alive though after all that embarrassment.

Robert was about to get a trip of his lifetime when Moffuzan paid him a visit later that night. Moffuzan materialised in Robert's house and had a look of urgence on his face.

“What's wrong?” Robert asked noticing Moffuzan's expression.

“I need to get you off this planet right away. There are some creatures I want you to meet and boy do they have a story to tell,” Moffuzan replied.

“Creatures? What story? Why do I need to leave this planet?” Robert asked quite confused.

“I'll tell you on the way. It's important though and we don't have much time,” Moffuzan replied. He got hold of Robert as they teleported to a different location not too far from Stone Canyon.

“This is my ship. Get in,” Moffuzan said as Robert sat inside the ship followed by Moffuzan. The spaceship was big enough for two people. Moffuzan closed the ship doors and wasted no more time. He pressed a few buttons and the spaceship sped off as quick as lightning.


PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, 2016 5:01 am 
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Chapter 17

Robert had got his first glimpse of space in Moffuzan's ship and was amazed at the sites outside.

“It's beautiful, isn't? Out here, you will find many wonderful treasures,” Moffuzan replied.

After talking about the wonders of space, Moffuzan began to get to the main point of topic.

“I'm sorry to have to drag you out here. Listen, Zordon thinks we are against him. He isn't too particularly happy about my connections with Onyx,”Moffuzan said.

“Who's Zordon? What does he have to do with all this?” Robert asked.

“Zordon mentors the power rangers. The rangers themselves are banned from Onyx while Zordon seems to hate anything what isn't human,” Moffuzan replied. Robert was stunned at this.

“How do you know all this?” Robert asked.

“The monsters I want you to meet will be able to tell you what you need to know. Onyx is where we are going,” Moffuzan replied.

“Would they even want to see a regular human like myself?” Robert asked.

“Most monsters don't hate humans in general, its the power rangers they are most afraid of,” Moffuzan replied.

“How far away is Onyx?” Robert asked.

“Onyx orbits a star about 5,000 light years away from your planet in a constellation of the sky Earthlings call Cetus,” Moffuzan replied. Robert nodded and didn't ask any more questions. He hoped to find answers on Onyx. He was very confused at how Moffuzan was talking about Zordon.

“Right, time for warp speed. It should take us a few hours to get there at warp speed, hold on tight,” Moffuzan said as the spaceship began to travel at a much higher speed.

Back in the command centre, the power rangers were talking to Zordon about something.

“We couldn't find him anywhere, he seems to have vanished,” Zack said.

“Damn, what is that Moffuzan guy up to?” Jason said punching the air.

“He's probably got to the professor before us,” Billy said.

“That is not good news at all. Keep looking and I will try and scan the universe for anything,” Zordon said as the power rangers teleported out. Moffuzan on the other hand was aware of what might happen and shielded his spacehip from any wavelengths what might detect their movements.

Rita was looking through her telescope not sure what was going on and seemed to be a bit stressed with it all.

“What's the matter, Rita?” Zedd asked. It had been a week now since they got married and all was well in the moon palace.

“Something strange is going on and I don't know what. The rangers have been looking in that professor's house and throughout Stone Canyon and Angel Grove for something,” Rita replied.

“I've seen it too. They are after that traitor Moffuzan. He is of no concern to us though. Seems Zordon is being a bit xenophobic when it comes to aliens whatever they may be,” Zedd replied. This did not surprise Rita at all.

Moffuzan touched down on the Onyx surface and he and Robert stepped out. Robert took the time to look round. It looked like a desert planet with reminiscents of the wild west.

“Lets go into town. Just watch your back, it can get quite rough around here. You'll be fine if you stick with me,” Moffuzan said.

The town seemed to interest Robert. There were bars and shops on both sides of the road.

“Ah, here we are. This is the Onyx Tavern, that is the most popular place for monsters to go to. I managed to get a room booked for us so we can get some privacy,” Moffuzan said.

They walked in and mostly everyone recognised Moffuzan straight away but were surprised at the newcomer, Robert but didn't really pay much attention to him.

They walked to the bar and the bartender saw them and walked up to them.

“Welcome back Moffuzan and I see you bought the professor. The others are waiting in your room, I'll take you right away,” the bartender said as he led them to their room. Three other monsters were waiting and greeted Robert and Moffuzan. Robert recognised one of them as he battled against the Power Rangers.

“Robert, meet Fang, Waspicable and Loyax,” Moffuzan replied.

“Oh boy, this is going to be interesting,” Robert thought to himself.


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Chapter 18

After everyone was introduced, everyone sat down around a table after the doors were closed behind them.

“Firstly, let me first start by saying it is an honour to meet you,” Loyax said. Robert smiled and nodded his head.

“This is usually where I have my meetings, not many monsters are available today so there is only a few of us now. There are a lot more involved in this though and we have other larger rooms also where we meet,” Moffuzan said.

“Moffuzan has already told you about our operation, I presume,” Waspicable said.

“Yes, Operation Blackfoot. It's a resistance group of rebel monsters opposed to the United Alliance of Evil and the proposed plans set by Dark Spector,” Robert replied.

“We have been trying to recruit as much monsters to our cause, many of whom used to work for leaders under the UAE,” Moffuzan said.

“Us monsters are treated very badly. I was tricked by Rita all because she promised to give me some eggs if I defeated the power rangers. I didn't want to battle but Rita made me. Then I am forced to grow to giant size against my will. It's the same thing for most monsters. They never stand a chance against those megazords,” Fang replied.

“I was told about the power rangers. Well Zordon to be precise, he doesn't trust you or this operation apparently,” Robert said.

“Yes, one of our fellow monsters informed Moffuzan and was told to fetch you because of your connections and also you are one of very few humans who don't get scared at the simple sight of a monster,” Waspicable replied.

“Zordon hates monsters and he believes this whole operation is just a scheme to trick the power rangers. But that's not true at all,” Fang said.

“So how many monsters do you have on your side at the moment?” Robert asked.

“At least fifty monsters have signed up to our cause but we are likely to get a lot more as time goes by,” Loyax replied.

The meeting lasted for a whole hour before it finished. After shaking their hands, Robert left with Moffuzan and walked back outside the tavern. They talked about the future of the operation, news what has been happening with bad guys as well as a proposed monster colony for redeemed monsters.

“That went really well, I learned quite a lot. I see a much different side now to monsters,” Robert said. Moffuzan agreed. He was happy to bring Robert here to see the resistance. Moffuzan took Robert to a hotel in another part of Onyx Town.

“This is where you'll be staying for now, my house is across the road,” Moffuzan replied as the two separated.


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Chapter 19

It had been several weeks since Robert and Moffuzan departed Earth and neither had been back since. Rita and Zedd had tried several unique methods of trying to beat the power rangers rather than the same old monster battles. These included creating evil clones of Tommy and Billy, trapping some of the rangers in a storybook and sending Kimberly back in time.

All these methods failed miserably and the villains were beginning to lose their patience. However all of this was about to change.

“These power rangers are getting on my nerves, why can't we ever beat them? We've tried everything,” Zedd said angrily.

“As long as they have that Zordon, they can never lose,” Rita said.

“You should have destroyed him when you had the chance. That timewarp seems to have strengthened him somehow,” Goldar replied.

Suddenly a loud crash was heard outside the palace putting the conversation to an abrupt halt.

“What the heck was that?” Goldar asked.

“Goldar, go and investigate,” Zedd ordered as Goldar walked out onto the moon's surface. He noticed something in the distance and walked towards it. A spaceship crash-landed and out came a skeleton-like being.

“Stupid ship. I hope this is the right place,” the being said slightly dazed.

“Hey, you there,” Goldar shouted making the being jump.

“Who's there?” the being said turning in the direction of the voice.

“Never mind who I am, you are trespassing and I must ask you to come with me,” Goldar replied as he motioned the being to follow him.

Once they returned to the moon palace, both the being and Rita fixed eyes onto each other.

“Rito Revolto,” Rita said happily recognising him. This was Rita's brother who she had not seen for a very long time. Both Goldar and Zedd were shocked to learn Rita had a brother.

“So these power rangers are giving you such a hard time?” Rito replied after Rita filled him in on what's been going on. After some thought, Rito had a plan. He would completely obliterate the thunderzords but needed some help in doing so. Rita was thrilled her brother wanted to personally take on the power rangers. Zedd and Goldar weren't so sure though but decided to give Rito a chance.

“Finster, gather up four monsters to aid my brother in battle against the rangers, this time we will not dail,” Rita ordered.

“Right away, my queen,” Finster replied before heading down to the monster chambers. They were all in good shape and ready to go but Finster had a good idea of who to pick. The four chosen monsters were delighted to be picked and all walked up to the main chamber where Rito was waiting.

The four chosen monsters for this mission were Fighting Flea, Lizzinator, Octophantom and Stag Beetle.

“I can see that you guys are mighty fine monsters. Together we will destroy the power rangers once and for all,” Rito said with all the monsters cheering.

The power rangers were called to battle shortly afterwards when Zordon noticed a disturbance outside of Angel Grove.

“You finally got here, about time,” Rito said who was waiting for them. The monsters hid out the way for the time being.

“About time indeed,” Zedd said from the moon. Without another moment, Rito grew to giant size.

“We need thunderzord power now,” Jason called. Tommy called the White Tigerzord.

“That's right, call the thunderzords,” Rito laughed.

“Shut up. The thunderzords are more than a match for you or anyone,”Zack replied as the zords joined together to form the Thunder Megazord.

“Oh is that so?” Rito taunted. After a quick battle to slow the rangers down, the monsters joined the battle and were now also giant sized.

“Hello rangers, nice to see you again,” Lizzinator said.

“Oh no, it's a trap,” Jason said.

“That's right. Say goodbye to your precious zords,” Stag Beetle said.

“This time, we will defeat you rangers,” Octophantom said.

“No-one can save you now,” Stag Beetle said.

“We can beat these guys, just hold tight and battle how we always do. There is no way we can lose,” Jason said.

“You're going down, power rangers,” Rito said striking both the Megazord and Tigerzord a few times.

“Group attack, let's go,” Stag Beetle said.

“Yeah,” the other monsters chorused as they all attacked the zords at the same time.

“Oh no, these guys are really tough,” Zack said.

“What are they trying to do?” Kimberly asked.

“I don't know but this is not good at all,” Tommy replied.

Jason called for more power from Alpha, which over-boosted the powers of the zords. Of course, this was exactly what Rito planned for.

“Excellent, this is working perfectly,” Rito said. Little did the power rangers know, this was a big mistake as it would be their undoing as well as cause big damage to the command centre at the same time.

“We need as much power as possible to defeat these creeps,” Tommy said.

“Creeps? How dare you,” Figting Flea said insulted.

“We will never lose to the likes of you,” Tommy said.

“There's too much power, I don't think we can hold on anymore,” Alpha said

“I don't care, we will never surrender to enemies. The power rangers never quit,” Tommy said.

This attitude from Tommy amused Rito and the monsters.

“Destroy them,” Rito said in a menacing tone as the monsters launched their attacks directly at the zords.

“We got you now, rangers,” Lizzinator said.

The zords were attacked full on and unable to avoid anything.

“Oh god, no. We're losing,” Jason realised.

The monsters cackled as their attacks damaged the zords even more.

“Rangers, you need to get out of there. You can't win,” Alpha said.

“Now it's my turn,” Rito said after the monsters struck the zords a few times. Charging his sword up with the power of lightning, the zords were attacked dead on forcing the rangers to retreat.

“The command centre is being too overloaded,”Alpha cried as the damage from the zords also became irreversable as they started to fall apart.

“Our job here is done, the power rangers are history,” Rito said as he and the monsters teleported out.

The rangers looked at themselves and realised they unmorphed automatically. They knew their powers were now gone as they looked helplessly at the zords falling apart.


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Chapter 20

It didn't take long for the news of the power ranger's defeat to reach Onyx. Moffuzan received a message from Baboo who managed to send it in secret while mostly everyone else on the moon was celebrating. There was a lot of mixed reactions among the Onyx natives to this.

Rito and the four monsters were commended for their massive victory and were treated to a massive banquet. This was a much bigger celebration than Rita and Zedd's wedding and even Peckster and Rhinoblaster did not miss this one this time.

The power rangers, now completely powerless were back in the command centre while they along with Alpha 5 and Zordon tried to come to terms with their massive loss.

“I can't believe this is the end,” Zack said.

“We have beaten so many of Rita and Zedd's monsters and now Rito comes along and we are led right into a trap,” Tommy said.

The rangers all murmered among themselves not knowing what to do now. As far as they were concerned, they had lost and the villains had won.

“Where did our powers come from in the first place?” Zack said hoping to find some more answers hopeful they could get their powers back.

Zordon explained about the Temple of Power hidden deep within the Desert of Despair and the being called Ninjor who created the original power coins. This was their only hope left and the power rangers understood the risks but they had to do this in order to get their powers restored.

This was the one place unknown to anyone on the moon palace so they carried on with their celebrations not knowing of what was happening with the power rangers.

Zedd was quite jealous of how Rito defeated the power rangers as he wanted to beat them in a similar way although was still glad to have them out the way. While everyone had a party, he began to set out plans for his takeover of Earth and force the humans to surrender to him. He intended to make them all slaves to the monsters who would act as guards forcing the humans to do hard labour. This was a draft idea and would use Angel Grove as a trial spot starting the next day.

Back on Onyx, Moffuzan along with Robert met up with an emergency meeting in the Onyx Tavern for the news with a group of monsters in the bar area. They were not aware of the Ninjor quest either.

“With the power rangers destroyed, this could mean that we are now at risk of a possible invasion,” one monster said.

“Our planet should be safe. Zedd is not interested in taking over Onyx. He knows we can be tough and I don't think he knows we are against him,” another momster replied.

“No. But now Earth is at big risk. With the rangers powerless it means Zedd and Rita's forces can make a full takeover at any time. I wouldn't be surprised if Zedd himself is already making plans,” Moffuzan replied.

“I don't really like humans much but I would hate for them to be enslaved like this. No offence to you Robert,” one monster said.

“None taken,” Robert replied.

“You're right. Zedd don't care about anyone. He would not hesitate to kill anyone let alone imprison them,” Moffuzan said.

“What about Zordon? He doesn't like our kind at all and I don't like him,” another monster said.

“Then he needs to be shown there are monsters that are on the side of good. Just like you get good and bad in humans, the same applies for monsters,” Moffuzan replied.

“So what do we do?” that same monster asked.

“We need to act now before it's too late. This is probably just the start of what will become the thing what was seen in the Millenium Message,” Moffuzan replied.

Everyone in the tavern agreed. This would be the start of something big and not one monster inside the tavern wanted to see Zedd win. They all began preparations for a long trip to the moon in a big spaceship. Not all the monsters left, only those what were strong enough to fight while some stayed on Onyx along with Robert.


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