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 Post subject: IRC Guide
PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 3:03 pm 
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The Stardust Fields IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel is an awesome real-time communication tool. It can get a little complicated sometimes, so here's a guide that will answer most questions and describe the place in a little bit more detail.

Basic IRC Structure
There are many IRC networks out there - freenode, QuakeNet, EsperNet, and EFnet are a few (and some of the largest). An IRC network is actually a piece of software run on a server; it allows users to connect to it and form their own chatrooms (called channels). Stardust Fields is lucky enough to have its own IRC network, and it's called StarNet. IRC networks are made up of four types of users:

Normal users are regular people that connect to the IRC and use it. They have the ability to create and maintain channels, and can also create user accounts for themselves (centered around a nickname).
Bots are a type of software that can connect to an IRC network and often are controlled by users (usually the bot owner). The name comes from the word "robot", and they are not real people.
Network operators, often called netops or opers, are administrators of an IRC network. Generally, they can globally ban users, manage service bots, and give support to users. They make the rules of the network and should be respected!
Network bots, like normal bots, are not real people. These bots perform certain tasks around the network. Examples would be service bots like ChanServ and NickServ.

IRC works on a system of channels, prefixed with a hash "#". You can join and leave channels and manage your own as well. Joining a new channel will automatically create it and set you as a "channel operator" (often called chanops or just ops, not to be confused with network operators). As a channel operator, you have the ability to kick and ban users, set the channel topic, give op status to other users, and much more.

IRC works on a system of commands, prefixed with a forward slash "/", that control various things.

"/join #channel" - This will make you join a channel. Replace "#channel" with the channel you want to join, such as #sf.
"/part #channel" - This will make you leave a channel.
"/quit" - Disconnects you from the IRC network.
"/nick Nickname" - This will change your nickname. Replace "Nickname" with your desired nick.
"/kick Nickname" - This will kick Nickname from your channel. Replace "Nickname" with who you want to kick. (requires op status)
"/topic Welcome!" - This will change your channel's topic to "Welcome!". Replace that with whatever you want your topic to be. (requires op status)
"/op Nickname" - This will give operator status to Nickname.
"/deop Nickname" - This will remove operator status from Nickname.

These are just a few of the many commands you can find on IRC. See "/quote help" for more information.

StarNet provides services for registering nicknames and channels, among other things. To register a channel to your account, you must have registered your nickname first (this will create your account).

"/ns register password email" - Replace "password" and "email" with a desired password and your email address, respectively. This will register your nickname (creating an account).
"/ns identify nickname password" - This will log you in to your account. "nickname" must be a nickname that is registered to your account, but if you are already using that nickname then that field is not necessary.
"/cs register #channel" - Registers a channel to your account (replace "#channel" with your channel). You must be in that channel and be a channel operator to use that command. It also, obviously, cannot be registerd to someone else already.

#sf is the main channel for Stardust Fields. You'll notice that there is a user named Tolstar; not only is he the king of Stardust Fields, but he's also a service bot that helps maintain the channel. The same rules that apply to the forum also apply to #sf.

This is more of a beginner's guide to IRC. If you have any more questions, you can join #help (the network help channel).

 Post subject: Re: IRC Guide
PostPosted: Fri May 01, 2015 2:13 pm 
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You are banned from this server- Temporary K-line 15 min. - [#2894] You have been banned because you look like a spambot. Email <> to be unbanned. (2015/5/1 14.10)

Why am I seeing this message when I try to log on the IRC?


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