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 Post subject: The Emeralds
PostPosted: Tue Apr 22, 2014 8:04 am 
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Joined: Wed Jul 10, 2013 1:33 pm
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Location: Coventry, United Kingdom
The Emeralds


It was late at night in Glenforda Town and a young boy was in a deep sleep. He was eight years old and was dreaming about Pokemon when it suddenly became more vivid and Arceus came in.

“Greetings human,” he said in a booming voice.

“Who are you?” the boy asked scared.

“Do not be afraid. I am Arceus, the lord of the pokemon world. I have been watching you,” Arceus replied.

“What do you want?” the boy asked.

“I know all about you. Your name is Spencer. You are different from other humans,” Arceus exclaimed.

The boy who was called Spencer knew what Arceus meant.

“Yes that is true. I can understand what Pokemon are saying and I can also sense when things are going to happen like how Pokemon can. Why is that?” Spencer asked.

“That is a very simple explanation. I created you. It was me who gave you these abilities. For the record, I can also state there are 29 others in the world currently who also have the same abilities as you,” Arceus said surprising Spencer.

“I see. Why did you give me these abilities if I may ask? What makes me and those others so special?” Spencer asked.

“I like to see a future world in which humans and pokemon can live in harmony. I decided to create a new breed of humans who would bring peace to this world and end all evil and suffering. I figured now is the time to do that,” Arceus replied.

“I understand. There are many people in this world who would love to be able to understand Pokemon. Why could you not just give everyone the same abilities?” Spencer asked.

“As you may already be aware, many Pokemon, myself included, do not trust a lot of humans and a lot of them including Team Rocket would use those abilities to their advantage to exploit us further. This is a new test what I am bringing to this world. You are one of the Emerald children, the new generation of humans in this world. I will be bringing this same message to the others. It is your destiny to help the pokemon that exist here and bring peace to the world,” Arceus said.

“Bring peace to the world,” Spencer repeated. “I like the sound of that. So what does it mean to be an Emerald child as you say?”

“Firstly, as you already know, all the Emeralds have the ability to understand Pokemon. While most people hear them only saying their name, you along with the other Emeralds will hear them speaking as you would your fellow humans. You also can tell, as you previously said, when something bad is happening such as a storm or earthquake or something similar. Let's just say you are a lot more tuned in with the Pokemon world. Your main aim is to protect the pokemon. You will receive your first pokemon in a few years and he will become your best friend. Do not let any of your future pokemon friends down. They will not forgive you if you do and neither will I.” Arceus said.

“I understand. I know what I must do and I will make sure my mission is fulfilled,” Spencer said.

“I know, I can already see your future and it is one of positivity. You will be just fine. I'll be guiding you all the way. You may come across other Emeralds on your travels. You will know if you do because you will sense their aura. Their aura is different from normal humans,” Arceus said.

“Is there anything else I must know?” Spencer asked.

“That is all for now. If you need any more help, I am just a prayer away. Or you can ask guidance from the pokemon. There is just one more thing. You must not let anyone know you are an Emerald. Keep it to yourself. You can let the pokemon know of course, but do not let any humans know about your abilities,” Arceus exclaimed.

“Okay, I will keep this all to myself. No-one, not even my own family will know I am an Emerald,” Spencer said.

“I will leave you now. Have a good night and good luck for the future,” Arceus said before fading out before Spencer's dream continued where it left off before Arceus entered.


 Post subject: Re: The Emeralds
PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2014 7:36 am 
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Joined: Wed Jul 10, 2013 1:33 pm
Posts: 249
Location: Coventry, United Kingdom
Chapter 1

Six weeks after Arceus came to him in a dream, Spencer woke up one morning and walked downstairs in his house. He got washed and dressed first before heading into the kitchen.

“Good morning Spencer,” his mother said.

“Good morning, mum. I've decided to register for the Pokemon Academy down the road. I want to learn all I can about pokemon and then in a few years time, I'm starting my pokemon journey,” Spencer said.

“That's wonderful. When are you heading to the Pokemon Academy?” his mum asked.

“After breakfast, it's only down the road so I'll walk down there soon,” Spencer replied. He sat down at the kitchen table and began to eat his cornflakes.

“That's very nice, I hope you have a wonderful time at the academy,” his mum said.

“Thanks mum, I hope so too. I really love pokemon so I figured I should learn all I can before even heading off. I might stay there for a few years and then leave here when I'm well over ten,” Spencer said. After finishing his cornflakes, Spencer got up off from the table and began to head off.

“I'll see you this afternoon after I've finished at the academy,” Spencer said as he walked out.

“Have a nice day and be good,” his mum called after him.

Leaving the house, Spencer walked down the road to the academy. He lived about ten minutes away so it was quite convenient for him to just walk there. This was the first time he had left the house alone also so it would be a new experience for him. He walked down the street where he lived down to the end of the road and the academy would be just down the next road on the left hand side. He looked up at the academy with wide eyes. It was huge and looked more like a mansion than an academy.

“Hello, can I help you?” a voice from behind called moving Spencer's attention. He turned around to see a young woman who smiled at him. “You must be here to join the academy, am I right?”

“Err.. yes miss. I wish to register for a place here,” Spencer replied a bit nervously.

“That's wonderful, I'll lead you in. It's nice to get new students here who want to learn about pokemon. Please follow me,” the woman said as she walked in front. Spencer followed her into the academy, which was full of doors and corridors. We walked to the front desk which was the reception area where another lady was sitting behind.

“Joanne, I see you have brought a new student in,” the receptionist said to the lady who was called Joanne.

“So she must be a teacher here,” Spencer thought.

“Yes I have, he wishes to join us. What was your name?” Joanne asked Spencer.

“Oh, my name is Spencer, Spencer Harding, miss,” Spencer replied.

“Okay Spencer, as this will be your first day, you will be sent to the beginner's class. Joanne could you show him the way?” the receptionist said.

“Absolutely, come this way Spencer,” Joanne said as Spencer followed her down a side corridor to a room on the right. She knocked on the door and another female voice called from within, “Come in.”

Joanne walked in followed by Spencer who looked around the room. The rest of the class just stared at him in silence. “This is Spencer. He will be joining you today,” Joanne said.

“Oh wonderful, please take a seat. My name is Maxine, I'm the beginner's teacher. Thank you Joanne,” Maxine said.

Joanne left as Spencer walked to a vacant seat in the middle of the room. The other kids looked at him as he sat down. There was about twenty others in the classroom and Spencer was a bit nervous.

“Hello Spencer, welcome to our class. We are always welcoming of new students. I hope you feel as welcome here as we do,” Maxine said.

“Thank you Maxine,” Spencer said. Seeing the other kids staring at him, Maxine responded, “Please do not stare at others, it is rude.” On that note, they all faced the front.

“Where was I, oh yes, today we will be talking about pokemon types,” Maxine said as she walked to the whiteboard and started writing on it.

Spencer copied what Maxine was writing and while doing so felt something hit him from behind.

“Ow,” Spencer cried as he looked behind to see one of the other kids smirking at him. A rolled up piece of paper was on the floor next to him.

“Is something wrong?” Maxine asked stopping what she was doing.

“No, I'm fine,” Spencer replied and Maxine carried on. Another bit of paper hit him and this time, Spencer turned right round and picked up the paper and hit the other kid back.

“Ow miss, Spencer hit me,” he cried out.

“You started it,” Spencer replied angrily.

“Oh yeah?” the other kid said as he was about to charge for Spencer.

“Enough, the pair of you. Any more and I'll send you both to the principal,” Maxine said. Both Spencer and the other kid glared at each other before Spencer turned right back round and carried on what he was doing. About fifteen minutes later, Maxine stopped and then sat down at her desk.

“Okay, break time. I will see you in ten minutes in the battle room next door,” Maxine said as the kids left the room and out into the playground.

Two other boys joined Spencer on the way out.

“Hey Spencer, I'm Kyle,” one of them said.

“I'm George, you okay?” the other said.

“I'm good. I'm a bit annoyed at that other kid back in class,” Spencer replied.

“Oh him, that's Dean. Be careful of him, he's a right bully,” George replied.

“Thanks for telling me. So how long have you two been here?” Spencer asked.

“I've been here for two weeks now and George here has been here for a few months,” Kyle replied.

“If you need any help, we can give you some,” George replied.

“Thank you, it's nice to meet some new friends,” Spencer smiled.

“Well lookie here, its the two wimps and the new kid,” said a voice. The trio turned around to see Dean standing in front.

“What do you want, Dean?” George said folding his arms.

“I want him,” Dean said pointing at Spencer.

“Leave him alone, you bully,” Kyle said stepping in front of Spencer.

“I never asked for your opinion,” Dean said pushing Kyle down. George helped Kyle up and looked at Dean scared. He pointed again at Spencer and then said, “You and me, we fight now.”

Spencer looked at Dean scared and then said, “Why do you want to fight? This is pointless.”

“Because I want to fight you, you got a problem with that wimp,” Dean said as he slightly pushed Spencer back.

“Just leave me alone please, I don't want to get into trouble,” Spencer said.

“We haven't got time for this. Besides, we got to go back inside soon,” George said.

“Then I'll fight you in the battle room with pokemon then I will fight you proper at lunch time,” Dean smirked before walking away.

“What a jerk,” Spencer said as he brushed himself off.

“Are you okay?” George asked.

“I'm fine thank you. I have to watch him,” Spencer said.

“We'll look after you. Don't worry about him,” Kyle said.

“We better start walking back in. It's battle classes next. You'll enjoy this,” George said as they walked back into the academy towards the battle room.


 Post subject: Re: The Emeralds
PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 1:20 pm 
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Joined: Wed Jul 10, 2013 1:33 pm
Posts: 249
Location: Coventry, United Kingdom
Chapter 2
In the battle room, the students waited for Maxine to arrive who came in not long after everyone was inside. Spencer stood at the side where the rest of the students were. Inside the room was a small sized stadium what looked like the inside of some gyms.

“Okay children, welcome to the battle room. You know the rules here but I will explain them again just to be clear and for our new student. Here we have pokemon battles against each other with randomly selected pokemon. You will be put into one on one matches and you get to choose one pokeball each,” Maxine explained.

Spencer was looking forward to this, his first ever pokemon battle. He wondered what kind of pokemon the academy had. Maxine chose the teams from everyone and had drawn the names out of a hat. Spencer was shocked when he heard his name matched with none other than Dean. Dean smirked at this finding Spencer's reaction quite amusing. They had been selected as the first match and they both picked their pokeballs from the box Maxine held in front of them and took their places on either side of the room. They both threw their pokeballs to reveal their pokemon. Dean's pokemon was an Squirtle while Spencer's was a Charmander.

“Oh yeah, this will be easy. Water is strong against Fire,” Dean boasted making Spencer annoyed.

“We'll see who's the strongest after this match,” Spencer said folding his arms. The Charmander also folded his arms when the Squirtle taunted him as if they could read Dean's and Spencer's minds. Only Spencer could hear what they were saying though but kept quiet. He wasn't even sure if the pokemon were aware he could hear them.

“Go on, beat him. Wipe that smug smile of his face,” one of the kids shouted.

“You can do it,” another called.

“Let the match begin,” Maxine said who stood on the sidelines to judge the match as the students sat and watched in silence.

“Okay, I'll start this off. Squirtle, use Bubble,” Dean commanded as Squirtle unleashed a Bubble attack at Charrmander.

“Dodge it and use Scratch,” Spencer said as Charmander quickly jumped over the Bubble attack and scratched Squirtle sending him back a little.

“Tackle attack, Squirtle,” Dean called. Squirtle charged into Charmander making hin fall causing some damage.

“Hang in there Charmander,” Spencer said as Charmander tried to get back up.

“Tbis match is mine. Finish that Charmander with Bubble,” Dean said. Squirtle jumped in front of Charmander and sent another Bubble attack right into him who had no room to dodge.

“No, Charmander,” Spencer cried. The bubbles faded and Charmander was on the floor with swirly eyes and Squirtle stood next to him.

“Charmander is unable to battle, the winner is Dean and Squirtle,” Maxine said.

“Charmander, return,” Spencer said as he returned him back to his pokeball as did Dean with Squirtle.

“Interesting battle, you both did very well. Charmander will be fine. You can sit down now, we still have more matches to get through,” Maxine said as Dean and Spencer sat down on the benches.

Fifteen matches later and it was the end of the lesson. Spencer would go through another four more pokemon related lessons until the end of the day. Spencer left his first day at the academy on a high and really enjoyed it.


 Post subject: Re: The Emeralds
PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 1:55 pm 
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Joined: Wed Jul 10, 2013 1:33 pm
Posts: 249
Location: Coventry, United Kingdom
Actually I'm thibking of starting this again, this whole fic did not turn out right. I'll start again with a prologue not directed at anyone and then with Spencer already an adult as that is what he is now. Not very good at doing prequels and stuff.


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