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PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2015 11:35 am 

Joined: Thu Oct 30, 2014 3:24 pm
Posts: 41
(Want to get into that Lemmy's Land spirit? Listen to this while reading:

Polly: Hey, all of you. Tonight's interview is starting in half an hour, so has the interviewer been decided yet?

Sam, Sergei, Lee, Marie, and Wizenheimer are all watching Seinfeld on the sofa backstage while guzzling down soda.

Everyone on the couch: NOT ME!

Sam: Dang it, one of us has to do it, and I did the last interview!

Lee: I did the solo interview before Sam's! Ask someone else, little lady!

Sergei: I do not wish to interview. My strengths are in security work.

Wizenheimer: ...I just wanna watch my Seinfeld.

Marie: Well I... eh, alright! I had a lotta fun interviewin' that Broozer with Sam, so I'll handle it tonight!

Polly: Excellent. Make sure that you're ready to go, our guest hates waiting. And Sam, you will be the camera man today since Marie will be busy. Understand?

Sam: Yep! Though I don't know if I'm all that skilled at using them...

And so...

Sam: Alright Marie, we're live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Announcer: Coming to you loud and proud here in Mushroom City, HEEEEEEEERE'S... Marie?

Marie: Well hi there, how're ya'll doin' tonight?

Audience: Eh...

Marie: Aw, don't act all down in the dumps! There's nothin' that makes me sadder than a bunch of frowny faces!

Everyone in the audience just looks on in silence.

Marie: Alrighty then, I won't waste yer time! Now today, we're gonna be visitin' with a real cutie all the way from outer space: give it up fer Peewee Piranha!

Peewee starts to bawl when the applause starts up.


Marie: Shh! Shh! Calm down there lil' guy! No need to panic!


Marie: Oh lordy, what are we gonna do?!


Everyone goes dead silent while Sergei nods in approval.

Sergei: Thank you all.

Peewee: *sniff* Dat's bettew...

Marie: See! That wasn't so bad! Ya still wanna be interviewed?

Peewee: No, wanna go home.

Marie: Aw come one! All ya have ta do is answer some questions, that's all! At the end, I'll give ya some nice, warm, toasty cookies...

Peewee: Ooh, ooh! Want cookies! Want cookies! Pwease, wady? Pwease gimme cookies?

Marie: After the interview, gotcha?

Peewee: Yup!

Marie: Okeydoke, glad we're off to an undertandin'! First off, what exactly are ya? Are ya supposed to be a Dino Piranha, or yer own species?

Peewee: Peewee become big and tough Dino Piwanha when he gets bigger, wike mommy and daddy!

Marie: I thought ya'll had tails and were bigger than how ya look!

Peewee: Dino Piwanha in dat game weady to hatch, not me! Stiw needed time!

Marie: Alright, I gotcha! Yer just an underdeveloped lil' sprout I guess! So, how come you were left all by yer lonesome on that planet? Where's yer pa and ma?

Peewee: Mommy and daddy weave me on dat pwanet! Dino Piwanha no need pawents, we weady to go when we hatch!

Marie: Ya don't need yer ma or pa, huh? Interestin'. Anywho, I've still got a lotta stuff to ask, so hang on tight ya lil' varmint! Why were ya lookin' after a Power Star anyway? Is Bowser recruitin' babies now?

Peewee: Don't know! Staw awready under me when Wed Man got dewe!

Marie: I guess ol' Bowser wanted ya to attack anyone who tried gettin' their mitts on it! So, yer alive an' whole, what happened after Mario and ya scrapped?

Peewee: Wed man cawmed me down and got shiny staw! He said sowwy and weft, so now I just wive in Sky Station Gawaxy.

Marie: Aw, I'm glad he didn't murder such an adorable lil' fella! So, do ya like livin' in the Sky Station?

Peewee: Yep! It's weal nice and pwetty, and there's wots of stuff for me to snack on! Weal nice pwace for Dino Piwanhas, yep yep yep!

Marie: So, how come there ain't a Fiery Peewee Piranha over at, say, the Melty Monster Galaxy or Shiverburn Galaxy?

Peewee: Dunno. No Dino Piwanhas wive thewe I guess.

Marie: Eh... well, I guess that makes sense. Alrighty kiddo, I'm gonna ask another question, then the guys in the audience are gonna grill ya, okay?

Peewee: Awe you stiww giving me cookies?

Marie: Yup! I ain't a liar, that's fer dang sure!

Peewee: Yay!

Marie: Do ya have any friends over in the Sky Station Galaxy? Ya know, anyone to play with who ya don't wanna eat or anythin'?

Peewee: Yep! Me made fwiends wiff wots of piwanha pwants neawby! We wike pwayin' games wike get da chubby staw!

Marie: Chubby star... you mean lumas?

Peewee: Yep! But they too fast fow us, but we don't give up!

Marie: Aw, I really like determination! But ya know what? It's time fer audience participation! Yer cookies are comin' up real soon, kiddo!

Peewee: Yay, yay! You'we so nice, miss wady!

Marie: Hee hee, no problem! Seat IMNOTTASTY!

Luma: Why do you want to eat us?! We're not yummy, you know!

Peewee: You wook wike candy! Candy super yummy!

Marie: He ain't wrong, ya'll Lumas look kinda like marshmallow treats like those Peeps thangs.

Luma: Gee, thanks.

Marie: Aw, don't be that way! Seat 3!

Wario: Why's your butt so huge?

Peewee: Becawse my taiws not done gwowing!

Wario: So it's just a huge swollen butt for now?

Peewee: Yep! Big wocky tip stiww gwowing.

Wario: Ah, makes sense I guess.

Marie: Seat 72!

Boomboxer: What's up with the squeaking noises when you walk?

Peewee: Dunno. Baby Dino Piwanhas just have big squeaky feets.

Boomboxer: That's it? Lame!

Peewee: Me just a baby! Me don't know wots of stuff!

Marie: Alright lil' guy, just one more question! Seat GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!

Striker Koopa: Hey kid, you interested in playing any sports?

Peewee: Me wike chasing things! Does dat count?

Striker Koopa: Eh, I guess. You could always channel that energy into soccer some day!

Marie: Alrighty folks, looks like we're all done here! Peewee, come with me backstage! I'll get the oven warm and get those cookies whipped up in a jiffy! Hope ya like snickerdoodles!

Peewee: Oh boy oh boy! Me want cookies, me want cookies!

Marie giggles as she glides backstage while Peewee thunders after her, squeaking like a toy with every step.

Sam: Aw... you know, I like that little fella... okay, how do I turn this thing off again?

Sam fiddles around with the camera until he decides to smack it a few times. The camera spontaneously explodes and thus ends the transmission.

Sam: ...well that worked, I guess.

Meanwhile back at the Acorn Plains, Geoff approaches the castle and knocks at the large oak door. A surly, angry-looking Sledge Bro answers.

Sledge Bro: HEY! We don't open up for door to door salesmen, girl scouts, or Jehova's Witnesses, so beat it!

Geoff: WAIT! I'm not a single one of those things!

Sledge Bro: Really then? What are you supposed to be?

Geoff: A pizza guy, of course!

Sledge Bro: Where's the pizza?

Geoff: Right HERE!

Geoff reaches into his robe pocket and whips out a can of pepper spray. Before the Sledge Bro can react, he gets an eye full of spray.


Geoff: *gasp* Oh my lord, he has pepper spray in his eyes! Open the door good sir, a doctor is here to help!

The Sledge Bro throws the door open, allowing Geoff to enter as he whips out a bottle of milk.

Geoff: Here ya go, my good man! Flush your eyes with this, and they should stop burning soon, doctor's word! Now, where's your boss situated?


Geoff: Keep it!

Geoff tosses the milk and runs up a flight of cobblestone stairs.

Geoff: Alright buddy, I'm comin' for ya whether you like it or not!

(Author's Note: Apparantly, no one interviewed Peewee back on Lemmy's Land when Super Mario Galaxy 2 was released! So I decided to rectify that issue by hosting the only interview the character has ever gotten! I hope that the baby talk from Peewee wasn't too annoying, I just decided that was how he should sound, it was... odd to type, to say the least).

PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2015 2:18 pm 
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Joined: Wed Jul 10, 2013 1:33 pm
Posts: 249
Location: Coventry, United Kingdom
Nice to see a post-LL interview here. Shame this will never get to be published there. Good job btw. Great that the spirit of LL is still alive in some people.


PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 7:03 pm 

Joined: Thu Oct 30, 2014 3:24 pm
Posts: 41
[quote="Terry"]Nice to see a post-LL interview here. Shame this will never get to be published there. Good job btw. Great that the spirit of LL is still alive in some people.[/quote]

Thank ya. :3

I may be wasting my time for all I know, but I totally intended on getting so many more interviews done before the site closed, but circumstances and schoolwork kept me busy! And it's a shame because the most recent interview I had on the site is the only one I like looking back, and I wanted to show Lemmy how I've improved over the years (My early works were god awful). But now, I figure that since we have a sort-of spiritual successor here, why not pursue my dream and post them here? And hey, on the off-chance that Lemmy comes back for some reason and resumes with the site (astronomically small chance, I know), I could just port these all over! Either way, these are fun to write and I genuinely enjoy doing them.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2015 2:46 pm 
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Joined: Sun Sep 29, 2013 1:13 pm
Posts: 35
Maybe we could get an interview section on the site for these. Have you actually sent any of them to Joey (as opposed to just posting them on the forum)?

PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2015 10:56 pm 

Joined: Thu Oct 30, 2014 3:24 pm
Posts: 41
I didn't know if he'd accept them so nope, though if he's up for it I guess I could submit them! I would hate to spam him with them though.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 07, 2015 1:52 am 
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Joined: Wed Jul 10, 2013 1:33 pm
Posts: 249
Location: Coventry, United Kingdom
I'm sure Joey wouldn't mind. Just think what Lemmy had to put up with, I bet he was "spammed" all the time every day with submissions, lol.


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