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PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 8:14 pm 

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(Want to get in that Lemmy's Land spirit? Listen to this while reading:


Everyone: What?

Sam: Oh man oh man, Fallout 4 has been announced today! Oh happy day!

Wizenheimer: ...and?

Sam: And what?

Marie: I ain't seein' what this has to do with us.

Lee: Affirmative!

Sam: Well, I'm going to be binge-playing Fallout 3 and New Vegas in celebration! So someone else is interviewing today!

Sergei: Hmm... I wish to conduct the interview.

Sam: Ooh, you do?

Sergei: Indeed. I hear Plessie is today's interviewee, he should be quite easy indeed to work with.

Sam: Well that's awesome! Do you want anyone else to come up and help you out?

Sergei: Yes... but not any of you. I have someone else in mind today. Stuart!

The persistent Swoopin' Stu that keeps showing up slithers backstage.

Stuart: Yeah Sergei?

Sergei: Interview. With me. Please?

Stuart: Are you sure that Geoff is going to like this? I would hate for you to get on his bad side!

Sergei: He will deal with it. If not, I may break him.

Sam: But he's your boss, man!

Sergei: So? Bosses still break like everyone else. Besides, it is one interview. No less or more.

Wizenheimer: Heh. Don't ya go crying to me when Geoff tears you a new one!

Sergei: Hmmph. Come, Stuart. It is the time of the interview.

And so...

Marie: Alright y'all, we're goin' live in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

Announcer: Coming to you loud and proud from Mushroom City, heeeeeeeere's Sergei as well as... a Swoopin' Stu?

Stuart: Hello all you beautiful people! My name's Stuart, and I'm temporarily joining up with the interview crew! And of course, I think you are all familiar with my friend Sergei over here.

Sergei: Greetings.

Stuart: So for my first and possibly only interview, I'm happy to introduce our guest all the way from the Sprixie Kingdom: Plessie!

Plessie: Hee hee! Hiya everyone!

Sergei: You are just too cute, big dinosaur. I wish to pet you.

Plessie: Aw shucks, go on ahead! I love being petted!

Sergei pets Plessie's snout while his eyes are aglow with cuteness overload.

Audience Goomba: We're in the middle of the interview's second page for crying out loud, get on with it!

Sergei: You have a point and I apologize. I was drawn in by cuteness. So Plessie, I take it that you are your own species? Or do your kind happen to be relatives of the Yoshis?

Plessie: Not related to the Yoshi's, nope! But I guess you could say that we're the Sprixie Kingdom's equivalent to them what with being friendly rideable dinos and all!

Stuart: So how come you decided to help out Mario and the gang anyway?

Plessie: I'm actually the green Sprixie Princess's pet, so when my master got kidnapped by mean ol' Bowser, you can bet that I wanted to help her in any way I could! And it just so happened that there was quite a bunch of areas that weren't easily passed without some kind of help from a mount of some sort... kinda like me! One of the Sprixie citizens introduced me to Mario and the other three who needed to get across the Plunging Falls, and we hit it off from there!

Sergei: So I take it that you get along with Mario?

Plessie: Yuparooney! He's a real nice guy for sure! Though I think my favorite out of that quartet was Toad. He pets the best out of that bunch, and slipped me some yummy food every now and then!

Stuart: So you mentioned food: what's your favorite kind?

Plessie: Ooh, that's a tricky one! Lots of fruits are yummy in general, especially berries: kinda like the stuff that Yoshis tend to eat! I'm also really partial to all kinds of vegetables like turnips, squash... really, any kind of plant will do as long as it's not poisonous!

Sergei: Lots of interesting places in Sprixie Kingdom, no doubt about it. Which are your favorites?

Plessie: The Plunging Falls are tons of fun! But if I'm not counting them, I actually really like Double Cherry Pass because of the pink grass! It's so pretty to look at, and tastes real sweet too! Kind of like candy...

Stuart: So where were the rest of your kind through the game, anyway? I hope that your kind wasn't wiped down to a single Plessie!

Plessie: Oh don't you worry little Stuart! My kind actually live over in the Plunging Falls as well, they were just in hiding after Bowser attacked! Now that he's been given the boot, everything's hunky-dory!

Sergei: We are getting near last question Plessie, so after Stuart asks his we turn you to audience for their questions. Okay?

Plessie: Understood!

Sergei: Okay, glad we're on same page. Anyway, do your kind come in many colors like Yoshis do?

Plessie: Actually we do! We come in orange, lime, cyan, yellow, and pink!

Sergei: Oh, lots of bright colors. Very pretty.

Plessie: Aw shucks, glad you think so!

Stuart: So you're here in the Mushroom Kingdom! Are there any places you want to visit before returning home?

Plessie: Ooh, I really want to go to that Water Park place that was in Mario Kart 8! Though I'd also love visiting Isle Delfino... really, anywhere with a lot of water sounds good to me!

Sergei: Now is the time of the audience questions. Seat BOOMPOWBAM!

Master Crash: Heya there Plessie BOMB! How come you could BOMB move through sand so easily BOMB?! You're a big aquatic reptile, not a BOMB desert dweller BOMB BOMB!

Plessie: Oh trust me little buddy, moving through that sand so easily didn't come to me naturally, oh no sir! I actually practiced sliding down and moving a whole ton with a bunch of Sprixies air-lifint me when I fell... which I did. A lot. By the time I carried Mario and friends over the dunes, it was after hours of practice!

Stuart: Seat 54!

Tap-Tap: Hey Plessie, what's with the bandana? Any significance behind it?

Plessie: Nah, my owner just tied it around my neck one day because she thought I looked cute wearing it! And I have to say that I totally agree!


Rawk Hawk: Hey you, big lizard! Are you able to fight at all? I could see a guy your size RAWKING anyone who was stupid enough to pick a fight?

Plessie: I can fight, though it's nothing too special: just slaps and tail smacks. They can really hurt given my species' size and all, but I don't go out of my way to get into fights! I'm sort of a pacifist if you will.

Rawk Hawk: Pft, how lame is that?

Stuart: Hey, you be nice now! Anyway, it's final question time! Seat FIREPROOF!

Buzzy Beetle: I remember this fake leak for Mario Kart's 8 had you on its roster. Would you love to kart race or participate in any sports some day?

Plessie: I wouldn't be opposed to it, nope! Kart racing actually seems kinda fun!

Sergei: Done.

Stuart: Yep, our time with you guys is over for now! But please, don't be sad! It was a fun interview, and Plessie was quite the decent guest!

Plessie: Aw, thanks a bunch! I liked doing this too!

Sergei: Now go. All of you get out now.

The audience disperses as Lee ushers them out.

Stuart: Well that was a lot of fun! It's a shame that Geoff doesn't want me on the crew though!

Sergei: You can stay. I do not mind.

Stuart: Really? I mean, doing one interview is pushing it, but letting me hang around? I'm not sure if I-

Sergei: I will take full responsibility. You can stay, I will let Geoff know how helpful you were.

Stuart: Well, if you say so. Is he going to be back soon?

Sergei: I believe so. He ought to be leaving the Acorn Plains today.

Stuart: I wonder what he's doing up there anyway?

Sergei: Setting up a client to interview, I think.

(Meanwhile at the Acorn Plains, Geoff is being dragged to the castle's dungeon by two Sledge Bros who came to their injured partner's aid immediately)

Geoff: Get your hands offa me, you dang apes dirty!

Sledge Bro 1: Huh?

Sledge Bro 2: You uh... mind repeating that?

Geoff: Oh shoot, I mangled the quote! What I mean to say is for you to get your apes offa me, you dang dirty hands! No no, that's not right at all...

Geoff is tossed into a dingy cell by the Sledge Bros who brush off their arms and leave. In a few minutes time, the door is thrown open and a rather tiny silhouette can be seen, rolling towards Geoff's cell on a large, round ball.

Geoff: Hey, YOU! You there, I'll have you know that I have the right to remain silent! Anything I say can and WILL be used against me in a court of law!

???: …

Geoff: Nah, I'm messing with you. In fact, you're exactly the guy I want to see!

???: Are you now? This better be worth macing a henchman of mine in the face, only I get to do that by the way!

Geoff: Well, I run an interview show in Mushroom City. The concept of interviewing ought to be reaaaaal familiar with you, eh?

???: Uh, yeah! But that was years ago buddy, I've moved on to greener pastures! Pretty literally, just look at this place, it's awesome! But did you really go through all this trouble just to interview me?

Geoff: Nope! I want you on my show alright, but one of my employees is gonna be doing the interviewing! He was one of your tourists!

The tiny silhouette's eyes widen.

???: Go on...

(Author's Note: Yup, added that Swoopin' Stu to the interview crew! Mainly, it's because I like those enemies, and feel that it's a shame that they don't get more love. P.T. Piranha actually had one in his crew... for one interview before killing him off. -_- But anyway, I'm a little ashamed that my subplot with Geoff and beginning filler cut so much into the interview, but the subplot will at least have payoff in the next interview... And of course, Fallout 4's announcement has made me so excited. :D)

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