Junior Exposed

By Terry

Chapter 3

Luigi was sitting down having lunch with Yoshi when Toad ran up, startling them.

"What's wrong, Toad?" Luigi asked.

"Bad news, your brother has been captured by hammer brothers. He's been taken to Castle Koopa!" Toad cried.

"Oh no, we've got to save him and Peach," Luigi said, shocked. He looked at Yoshi, who nodded his head in agreement. Forgetting about his lunch, Luigi jumped on Yoshi's back and they headed off.

"Good luck, guys!" Toad shouted as Yoshi ran off with Luigi on his back.


Bowser was getting himself ready for his upcoming wedding to Peach when Wendy came in.

"Wendy, what are you doing here?" Bowser said as he turned to face his only daughter.

"What are you doing?" Wendy asked, seeing him in a suit.

"I'm getting married today," Bowser replied.

"What?" Wendy asked, shocked. "You never told me you were getting married!"

"No, I never told you or your brothers, except for Junior of course," Bowser replied.

Wendy turned away briefly and faced Bowser again.

"But I thought you weren't going to get married again. You promised Mom that you would stay single and look after us," Wendy said.

Bowser didn't know what to say. After a long pause, he replied, "I know, but I really love her and she is Junior's mother."

"About Junior," Wendy said, ignoring the love comment. "Me and my brothers were talking, and we want to know why you don't let us battle anymore."

"What?" Bowser said.

"Ever since Junior came onto the scene, you have never let us join your battles. It's always Junior who gets to join you," Wendy said.

"I..." Bowser started, not knowing what to say.

"Well?" Wendy asked, starting to get impatient.

"I don't know why you are asking me this; you never asked me before," Bowser said.

"I'm asking you now. So why does Junior get to do all your battles and not us? Don't you love us anymore?" Wendy asked.

Bowser was flabberghasted.

"How could you even say such a thing? Of course I love you and I always have," Bowser said.

"So why don't we battle anymore?" Wendy asked.

"Look, I have to go, I'm getting married soon," Bowser said, about to walk to the back door.

"Is Junior going to be king when you die?" Wendy demanded starting to get louder. "I thought Ludwig was going to be king. Why have we never seen Junior's birth pictures?"

Bowser was getting uncomfortable and replied,

"I'm sorry. Can we talk about this another time?" Bowser said and quickly rushed into the back room and locked the door before Wendy could talk more. He began to sweat.

Wendy walked out back from where she came. She never got any answers, and Bowser's reactions proved that he was hiding something from the Koopalings.


Ludwig was looking around the castle for Junior and came across a lone Koopa Troopa.

"Hey you, have you seen Junior?" Ludwig asked the Koopa Troopa.

"I saw him in Bowser's room a while ago. He's looking after Peach," the Koopa Troopa said.

"Peach is here?" Ludwig asked.

"Yes, Bowser's going to marry her," the Koopa Troopa said.

"You WHAT?" Ludwig asked.

"Bowser is ge-" the Koopa Troopa started, but Ludwig rushed past him before he could continue.

"King Dad can't get married. Not after the promise he made to Mom," Ludwig said to himself as he ran up several floors of stairs to Bowser's room. He ran in to find it empty. Both Junior and Peach were gone.

"Darn," Ludwig said as he punched the air.


Luigi and Yoshi made their way through to the Koopa Kingdom when they stopped for a quick rest.

"You okay, Yoshi?" Luigi asked Yoshi.

"I'm fine, Luigi. We're nearly there. Won't be long now," Yoshi answered.

"Well, lookie here," a voice from behind the duo came. Yoshi and Luigi quickly turned around to see a hammer brother.

"So nice of you to join us," the hammer brother continued.

"Us?," Yoshi said nervously.

As soon as Yoshi said this, him and Luigi found themselves surrounded by the same group of hammer brothers that had captured Mario. There was no escape.

"What do we do now, Luigi? I'm scared," Yoshi said.

"Awww, poor little Yoshi," the lead hammer brother taunted.

"You leave Yoshi alone," Luigi said angrily, jumping off Yoshi's back.

The hammer brother grinned. "Seize them," he ordered.

Both Luigi and Yoshi tried to fight off the Koopas, but they were too tough and were throwing their hammers at them. One hammer landed a direct hit on Luigi.

"Ow, ow," Luigi said as he was repeatedly hit. Yoshi couldn't eat the hammers; the best he could do was try and dodge them.

"Please, no more. I give up," Yoshi pleaded eventually.

"I can't take this anymore. I can't fight like this," Luigi said. "I've had enough."

The hammers stopped, and Luigi and Yoshi looked at them. They were all grinning.

"Wise decision," the leader said as they closed in on Yoshi and Luigi and tied them up.

"Just in case you try and run away, we can't take any chances," the leader said. "Okay let's go."

The hammer brothers walked off, escorting Luigi and Yoshi to the dungeons where they would be reunited with Mario.


The Koopalings had met later in a back room of the castle.

"I can't believe King Dad is marrying Peach," Iggy said.

"After all he's done and all the promises he made, this is how he repays us and our mother also," Wendy said.

"Most of the troops here didn't even know about this either except a few...and that Junior," Iggy said.

"It's a good thing none of us are invited then. Word has it that Bowser has sent an elite group of hammer brothers to capture anyone who tries to interfere and rescue Peach. He has it all worked out. I gather these troops know nothing of the wedding," Ludwig said. After a brief pause, he added, "We have to stop that wedding, Bowser cannot get married to Peach. It would go against all Koopa tradition and would change our relationship with the Mushroom Kingdom forever."

"Well, what are waiting for?" Roy said as he got up to his feet. "They could be getting married right now, so we have to move quickly!" The Koopalings all agreed and walked out of the room, proceeding in their plan to stop Bowser's wedding.

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