Junior Exposed

By Terry

Chapter 2

Peach gazed out the window as Junior kept a close eye on her.

"He isn't going to come," Junior said. "We told you, he is battling the hammer brothers. He may have already been captured by them."

"No, it can't be. Mario can beat anyone, it doesn't matter if he is outnumbered," Peach said.

Junior just laughed. "Not this time, these are elite hammer brothers who are highly trained in battling."

Peach ignored Junior and continued to stare at the window with hope Mario would come. Junior just sighed. Moments later, Bowser came back in with a wedding suit and a wedding dress.

"Great news, I have just had word Mario has been captured and is now being held in one of my most guarded dungeons," Bowser said.

"No, it can't be. Mario's coming to rescue me and there is no way I am marrying a freak like you," Peach said.

"I'm afraid Mario won't be coming. He already is here in my dungeons. I can come and show you if you like," Bowser laughed.

"You're lying," Peach said, shocked.

"Am I?" Bowser laughed. Junior began to laugh also.

"It doesn't matter. Luigi or someone else will come and rescue me instead," Peach said.

"Bwa ha ha ha, they can try but I'm sure my troops can handle those wimps. Anyway, enough talk, we have a wedding soon so I'll meet you in the royal chapel later. Get your dress on, Junior will help you," Bowser said as he walked back out before Peach could respond some more.


Larry walked down a corridor and stood in front of a room. He turned around to see if anyone was looking then turned back to the door. He walked in and found some books and documents on a shelf at the end of the room.

"It should be here somewhere," Larry said as he scanned through all the books. These were mostly books on the royal Koopa family. He found a book along with some paperwork detailing all the medical records for the Koopalings. It had information on birth records and medical history for all of the Koopalings, Bowser, and the rest of the royal family.

"Just as I suspected," Larry said as he scanned through the documents. "Absolutely nothing on Junior." He took all the documents and books with him to show the rest of the Koopalings.


A bit later, the Koopalings were gathered around a table in a secret room. Ludwig led the meeting with a short introduction:

"Okay brothers and sister, you all know why we are gathered here, don't you?"

"We're going to expose that fake King Dad wannabe, that fake clone, that fa-" Morton started before being interrupted by Ludwig.

"Okay Morton, we get the idea. But yes, that is why we are here. Earlier I asked Larry to research some documents found in one of the castle's secret libraries. We have gone through these together not long before this meeting and I am going to show you what these entail," Ludwig said as he placed all the documents onto the table.

"These are records showing all our medical history, birth records, genetic records, and a lot more along with some books showing the history of the royal family as well as the history of our empire," Ludwig explained.

"Okay, so what does this have to do with exposing Junior?" Roy asked.

"Well for starters, nowhere in any of these source materials does Junior even get a slight mention. It is common knowledge that for every royal koopa born, their records get stored in this castle and their name gets added in these books. There is no record for Junior anywhere here," Ludwig said.

The Koopalings nodded in agreement although some of them were still confused. One of them put their hand up.

"Yes Lemmy," Ludwig said.

"Okay, so his records aren't stored here. But I don't think that is enough to prove that he is fake. King Dad could easily make some excuse to explain his records being absent like they could have been misplaced or something," Lemmy said.

"That's true. And even if they were here, they could easily be falsified," Iggy said.

"Hey, wait a second," Larry said, scratching his chin. "I just thought of something."

All the Koopalings looked at Larry.

"What is it, Larry?" Ludwig asked.

"I noticed that all these years since Junior has been here, he's not once been taken to a hospital. He has never gotten ill, not even a common cold. What's more, he has never bled or cut himself when injured," Larry said.

All the Koopalings looked at each other in amazement.

"Geez, you're right Larry," Roy said.

"You know, I don't think Junior is just some clone, he has been modified to make him more tougher than the average koopa. I mean, he doesn't even cry," Larry said.

"What are you saying, Larry?" Ludwig said.

"Junior's an android," Iggy said, straight out.

The Koopalings looked at each other.

"Right, that's it, Junior is going down, there is no way I'm letting some robot take over from me as heir and stealing our jobs," Ludwig said slapping his hands on the table.

"So what are we going to do?" Lemmy asked.

"I am going to have a little chat with Junior and talk about DNA and whatnot. Wendy, I want you to do your usual sweet-talk with King Dad when he is alone and ask him why he never lets us battle anymore. But don't mention any of this discussion, and certainly do not tell him what we know about Junior. Larry, keep hold of those documents and when the time is right, I will tell you what to do with them. The rest of you, you do not need to do anything as of yet. I will see you later," Ludwig said as he left the room followed by the Koopalings, who split up. All were deeply shocked at the revelations of Junior.

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