Junior Exposed

By Terry

Chapter 1

Bowser arrived back at Castle Koopa along with Junior and a certain Princess Peach. They got off in Bowser's bedroom and Bowser carried Peach into his room followed by Junior.

"Hey! Let me go, you slimeball. Mario will save me just like he always does, just you watch," Peach cried. She was used to this, getting kidnapped by Bowser was becoming a regular routine.

"Bwa ha ha ha, Mario will not be rescuing you this time, my darling," Bowser laughed. "Isn't that right, Junior?"

"That's right papa, everything is going according to plan," Junior replied.

"Plan? What's he talking about, Bowser?" Peach asked confused.

"Let's just say Mario is quite busy right now fighting my army. While my troops keep him at bay, we are going to get married," Bowser said.

"Married? No chance," Peach said.

"You bet we're getting married," Bowser said happily.

"Oh boy, papa and mama are finally going to get married just like it should be," Junior said.


Mario found himself surrounded by an army of hammer brothers who had ambushed him on Bowser's orders.

"Come on then Mario, you think you can fight all of us at once?" one hammer brother said.

"You won't beat us, so why don't you just make it easy for yourself and just surrender?" another hammer brother said.

"Never, I will fight you and I will beat you," Mario said confidently.

"Suit yourself," the first hammer brother said and nodded at the group of around fifteen hammer brothers as they all charged at Mario. Mario tried his best to defend himself but found himself greatly outnumbered. Getting exhausted, Mario collapsed to the ground.

"What's the matter, are we too much for you?" the lead hammer brother said. "Don't worry, we'll make sure you have a good rest. In Bowser's dungeon, that is."

Mario was too exhausted to get up and run away but he dreaded to think of being in the dungeons. Two hammer brothers pulled him to his feet and dragged him off with the rest of the hammer brothers guarding him.


"Junior, look after Peach while I'll go and get ready," Bowser said.

"Will do, see ya soon," Junior said.

In the chambers, the Koopalings were talking a major discussion.

"What are you saying Ludwig?" Iggy asked.

"Look, ever since Junior showed up, we have been totally ignored by King Dad. He never lets us go on battles anymore, he ignores our requests and he seems to favour Junior over us," Ludwig said.

"That's true. And Junior is also his heir instead of you, who is the rightful heir," Roy said.

The rest of the koopalings nodded in agreement.

"I mean, Junior isn't even real anyway, he's just a clone of his younger self. And if King Dad favours a clone over his own children then something isn't right," Ludwig said.

"So what do you think we should do?" Larry asked.

The Koopalings all looked at each other.

"We need to expose him somehow. King Dad doesn't know that we know that Junior is a fake. What's more, Junior doesn't know that he's just a clone. I have an idea. Now listen up," Ludwig said as he started to reveal his plan to his siblings.

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