The Bet

By MarioMan67

Chapter Four

All day, Mario and Luigi were asking people in the Mushroom Kingdom one simple question: "Do you like us?" Everybody said yes, because if they saw or heard about the two dancing naked on the Empire State Buliding, they would blow up their TVs and go, well, to places that didn't have TV. Or even countries or planets that didn't have it. The Mario Bros. were very excited because they were winning the bet, though a bit nervous because of the consequence that would await them once the bet was over, and Wario and Waluigi were very depressed because they were losing.

All was fine and dandy for a few weeks... until the Mario Bros. went up to Bowser's castle. They had avoided it because Bowser hated their guts, but Mario and Luigi were forced to go there by Wario and Waluigi.

"If you don't go there, I'll feel much worse than I already am," cried Wario.

As the two plumbers walked up to the castle, Bowser saw them. He did not like them at his castle, and so he got out a Cannon-Scope (a telescope with a mini-cannon hidden inside.). He shot some small bombs at them from a window. The Mario Brothers dodged the explosives. Bowser continued to shoot in desperation. He kept shooting, and they kept dodging.

Eventually, he threw the Cannon-Scope out the window. He went outside and tried to roast them. The fire failed to get them, because Mario and Luigi got out of the way before it could hit them.

Fed up, Bowser then jumped out and prepared to punch Mario and Luigi so hard they'd fly all the way to another galaxy.

But then, this happened:


Bowser stepped back. "Really?" he asked.

"Yeah... we wanted to ask you if you liked us..." said Luigi.

"Lemme ask you something - why?" Bowser asked.

Luigi started to talk to Bowser about the bet - how Wario and Waluigi had busted into their house and stuff like that.

When the story ended, Bowser was speechless. He then said, "That was a humiliating punishment your two enemy brothers-"

"Cousins," corrected Mario.

"-cousins tried to get you to do. Normally, I would say "no" to seal the deal so me and my Koopalings could watch you get embarrased in front of the whole Kingdom, but I'll say "yes" this time because I hate those two."

Mario and Luigi jumped for joy and started dancing. They had won. Bowser went inside. When he sat down on his throne, he said, "Mario & Luigi may have forced me to say "yes" so I could make them win, but I don't care. I'll get my revenge soon..." He cackled silently.

The next day, the Mario Brothers went to the Wario Brothers' house to tell them about how Bowser said "yes". Wario and Waluigi froze. "B-B-But, we-" they said.

"Call us crazy, call us stupid, call us Smurf-loving terrorists, but I think that, come tomorrow, you two will regret that you did your crimes." said Mario.

The Wario Brothers ran out of the house, screaming into the sunset. Mario and Luigi shared a hearty laugh, and they lived happily ever after.

The End... or is it?


The Mario Bros.: They won, obviously.
The Wario Bros.: They had to do the Marios' punishment in front of everyone. Humiliated by all this, they jumped off a cliff... but they somehow survived and went to the hospital.
Bowser: He lived a good life... for a villain anyway, even though he kept failing to capture the Princess.

That's all folks!

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