The Bet

By MarioMan67

Chapter Three

Mario and Luigi were drinking coffee at a coffee shop, while talking about the bet.

"Why did Wario make us to get up at 4:30 in the morning for a stupid bet?" said Luigi.

There was a short pause before anyone said anything else. Then, Mario spoke up.

"I think it's because the earlier we get up, the more tired we are." explained Mario.

"Still though, if we get up early, and pester people to see if they like us-" said Luigi.

"-they'll slam the door in our faces, and then if we come back to ask if they like us, they'll say 'no' and slam the door in our faces again. Because of that, we'll lose the bet." continued Mario.

"That was what I was going to say..." remarked Luigi.

Then a waitress came. Mario asked if she liked him and Luigi. As she took away their empty coffee cups, she said, "Yes, I do. I like how you keep managing to save the Princess."

"That's true. Sometimes, when I'm sick, Luigi fills in for me and saves her. But otherwise, me and him save the princess a lot. That Bowser kidnaps her at least every other month. The best quests get turned into video games." replied Mario.

"He's not lying - you can see a bunch of Mario video games at the store." said Luigi.

"That's great." said the waitress as she left again.

Mario checked his watch. "5:17 AM. It's still way too early to knock on doors and ask people if they like us."

"Ok... Should we leave and go back to bed?" said Luigi.

"No. We'll walk around, checking if people are awake." replied Mario.

"Alright... Will we go back to sleep after we do the check?" asked Luigi.

Mario said, "Yes.".

After the Mario Bros. left the coffee shop, they checked almost everybody's house to see if anyone was awake. Most were still sleeping, a few had just woken up, a few more were accidentally woken up, some houses had no one inside, and at least one house had only a corpse laying on the couch. No one else was in that house other than the two plumbers and the body.

Two hours later, Mario and Luigi were sleeping again. Wario and Waluigi burst in again.


"Wario, leave them alone. They want to rest." said Waluigi.

"Rest!? They're just being lazy!" said Wario.

"Come on, Wario..." said Waluigi impatiently as he dragged his screaming brother out the door.

Around 9 AM, Mario and Luigi woke up again, and started knocking on their neighbors' doors. Everyone they asked liked them. Some said that genuinely, and some more said that to get the Mario Bros. off the steps of their house.

Two hours and thirty-eight minutes later, while Mario and Luigi were asking another person if he liked them, Wario and Waluigi came to check their progress.

"We have visited about 97 houses so far." told Mario.

"109." corrected Luigi.

"Not enough. There's about 31,583 houses in the entire Mushroom Kingdom. You need to knock on 30,574 more houses to get out of the bet." said Wario.

"On the bright side, everyone we asked liked us!" said Luigi.

"Lucky... Now finish the bet!" commanded Waluigi.

Mario and Luigi ran off.

"You think they'll meet up with someone who doesn't like them?" asked Waluigi.

"They probably will." said Wario.

To be continued...

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