The Bet

By MarioMan67

Chapter One

One day, Wario and Waluigi were bored, so they went to rob the Mario Bros.' house. As they were walking down the road, Mario and Luigi were coming back from yet another adventure of theirs. Unfortunately, the Wario Brothers did not see them, and went to rob the house anyway.

When the Mario Brothers went inside, they saw Wario and Waluigi pocketing a bunch of stuff in their sack. They started sneaking up towards them.

"You hear something?" said Waluigi.

"No... Let's hurry up though, they may be coming for us." said Wario.

After Wario said that, Mario and Luigi jumped the two, and beat them up.

"Hey! Stop it! We're not doin' anything!" said Wario.

The Mario Bros. stopped.

"Oh, really. We saw you trying to rob our house. You're clearly doing SOMETHING." yelled Luigi.

"Shut up! We're not robbing your house! We're just, uhh... HIDING... from some crazy Smurf-loving terrorists!" lied Waluigi.

"We're NOT believing your lies! NO ONE LIKES YOU!" bellowed Luigi.

"We're not believing YOUR lies! NO ONE LIKES YOU!" hollered Wario.

"Oh YEAH!? Many people in the Mushroom Kingdom LIKE us! YOU don't have any PROOF!" shrieked Mario.

"OH YEAH!?!? WHY DON'T YOU ACTUALLY PROVE IT?" squealed Waluigi.

Mario calmed down. A few seconds later, he said "Actually, that's not a bad idea."

"It will give us proof that many, many people in the Mushroom Kingdom like us! If they do." said Luigi.

"Okay. If you can't prove every single person you see likes you, then you two will have to dance naked... on the top of the Empire State Buliding! It's in New York!" said Waluigi.

"We know that. And if you lose, you'll have to reveal all your bad habits... on the top of the Empire State Buliding! It's in New York!" said Luigi.

"We know that... Anyway, the bet is accepted." said Wario.

"GREAT!" said Mario and Luigi.

"The bet starts tomorrow at 4:30 in the morning. I hope you'll like getting up early!"

"We can handle that!" said Mario.

"We're the Mario Brothers!" said Luigi.

"We can do anything!" said Mario.

"Shut up and get ready for tomorrow!" yelled Wario.

To be continued.

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