The Bet

By MarioMan67

Chapter Two


The Mario Brothers had been sleeping on their bunk bed when their alarm clock rang. Luigi fell off the top of the bunk bed (he sleeps on the top bed while Mario sleeps on the bottom), and crawled over to the alarm clock. 5 seconds later, the noise stopped.

"4:30 already?" remarked Luigi.

Wario and Waluigi burst inside the bedroom in a most Kramer-like way. The two were about 100 times more energetic than Mario and Luigi were.

"Get going already! The bet starts today! In fact, it already started 30 seconds ago!" yelled Wario.

Mario finally opened his eyes. "We're too tired. Can you give us an extra 5 minutes?", he said.

"No! Now get dressed and hurry up, for I'm afraid of the dark!" screamed Waluigi.

"It'll be dark outside too!" replied Wario.

"So? It's more scary inside than it is outside!" explained Waluigi.

Wario had nothing to say.

Luigi broke the silence by saying, "Ok, I'm ready to go out!".

Mario said, "Me too..."

"Good! Now run along, run along..." said Wario, as he let Mario and Luigi out the bedroom door. "Remember, you have to ask everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom if they like you, alright?"

After he closed the door, he snickered.

"Why are you snickering?" said Waluigi.

Wario answered his question with, "Because... There are plenty of people here that don't like the Mario Brothers."

"Like who? You? Your neighbor who doesn't like us either? Bowser?"

"Yeah. So do other villains who live in the Mushroom Kingdom. They don't like Mario and Luigi because they keep defeating them." said Wario.

"Wait a minute! What if the Mario Brothers avoid asking the bad guys and end up winning the bet?" asked Waluigi.

"We'll obviously lose. But if they meet up with my neighbor (and some other Mushroomers who don't like them), they'll lose, because those people don't like them, and thus they'll have to dance naked on top on the Empire State Buliding." replied Wario.

No one said anything for a few seconds. Then, Waluigi said: "Wait. Remember when I said 'what if the Mario Brothers avoid asking the bad guys and end up winning the bet'?"

"Yeah - That was 3 lines ago." said Wario.

"If they avoid the bad guys, they won't win. They'll actually end up cheating, because I said yesterday to Mario and Luigi, that "If you can't prove every single person you see likes you, then you two will have to dance naked... on the top of the Empire State Buliding!'" said Waluigi.

"Waluigi, will you please stop talking about past events? They'll probably ask everyone if they like them. Everyone. Not everyone but the villains, not everyone but my stupid neighbor, not everyone but some random Mushroomers. EVERYONE."

"That's an awful lot of italications."

"Shut up! Now, let's get out of here so we can start watching the two Marios!" yelled Wario.

"Good! Like I said before, 'It's more scary inside than it is outside!'", said Waluigi.

"It'll be scarier for you inside and out if you don't stop talking!"

To be continued...

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